05 May 2010

Golden Week 2010

It might seems odd but to have almost a week's long holiday in early May seems to be a great idea here in Japan. Like many students elsewhere, to have a break is certain welcoming as we've started the new semester in April.
I laughed that back in KL, usually after starting a new semester in January we'd usually have Chinese New Year holidays either in late Jan or Feb.

So here's a simple brief up what I've up to during this Golden Week.

1st May, Saturday

First went to Akihabara to meet up with Calvin and his gang. Wonder around Yodobashi Camera and test out the Panasonic's 3D Viera TV.

Crowd gathering in front of the newly opened Gundam Cafe.

We walked to Ueno's Ameyoko from Akihabara where they shopped for some cloths and luggage bag. I on the other hand, grabbed the time to read a few pages of Sherlock Holmes while waiting for Ming Han.

Kebab break.

I had the double chili before and it's very spicy to my surprise. This time I tried the mix chili which is a level lower but still can feel the spiciness of the kebab. Definitely one of the most spicy stuffs I had in Japan so far.

Later we took Keisei line back to Calvin's place near Inage. The one hour plus train ride doesn't feel that long as we chatted on the train.

Calvin, Kok Hong & Kai Cung. This is my first time meeting Kok Hong and was surprised that he's a common friend of my mate Mark who's studying in Kagoshima.

Had our dinner at a small Korean restaurant. I had the cold noodle but somehow I'd still prefer warmer noodle dish lol.

Their room is quite near to the Keisei train station.

The cookie I bought from Kawagoe few days earlier.

Chit-chat a little before lights off as the guys have events to attend on the other day.

2nd May, Sunday

Headed to Akihabara again with Ming Han as it's the central location before both of us heading to respective's gatherings.

Ming Han brought me to this ramen shop located behind the main streets of Akihabara.

The tsukemen served here is actually quite good, it's been awhile since I had satisfying tsukemen!

Played this stack-up-Poring game in a game fair.

Gathering took place at Jonathan's near Sugamo, not so far away from ABK where we studied for a year there.

Half of the classmates attended, here showing Elaine taking pic of Leang & Caphy.

Showing off our university student cards!

The guys! Me, Jian Yi and Cong Jie.

The ladies. Elaine, Rafeah, Leang, Wei Shiuan, Caphy.

We went back to ABK awhile before continue our next stop at Kok Wai's place. Played a few rounds of table tennis with Cong Jie and junior Jun Xian. It was great to play against familiar opponent again at the familiar ground.

Kok Wai's place is quite far but easily reachable via Tokyo Metro, one of the most convenient form of transport in the world, I dare to say!

The master of the house wasn't around as he's still working so we simply mingle around in his home. I'd say I love his place as it's very convenient to shop, banking, and commute. Facilities are just within few mins walking distance!

We had our late dinner at a family restaurant which looks kinda high class but priced almost same as the more common chains such as Gusto and Jonathan's.

With this bunch of people you can't really miss alcohols. This time we had fruits instead of beers.

Group pic!


Stayed a night over there with many others. Was surprised that so many ppl are able to squeeze into the house!

Tokyo Metro Nishi-Kasai station.

3rd May, Monday

We left Kok Wai's place before noon to head back to Machiya, to visit our previous hostel "Yamabuki".

But before that we had this Nepalese cuisine nearby, which I enjoyed a lot.
Great curry, delicious tandoori chicken and superb cheese naan!

After the lunch visited fellow mate Pei Ki who're the only one from our gang still staying in the hostel. Was great to catch up with everyone back there again where we spent a great time together last year.

Late in the afternoon, we separated and went back to our respective places.

As for me.... this Golden Week has been a great one! Fruitful trip down to Tokyo to meet friends, and discovering some greeneries near my place.

This is it.... Tomorrow back to the routine life in university. Hopefully I can successfully get a part-time job fast as well.
Good luck everyone!! ;)


  1. Hehe. Good things you meet up with almost all of your classmate now.

    our class don't even have a gathering... hmm...

  2. try to organise one next time? of course hard to get everyone back, but got half of them will be good enough. :)