08 April 2010

University Life Begins!

Hello people, am currently writing this post from the university's computer plaza (usually referred as computer lab or media center in other schools). The computer I'm using now is a HP Workstation, running Windows Vista Business. The only downside is the monitor, still using the energy-consuming CRT monitor while the rest of Japan started to replace it with LCDs.

Just finished a trial class around 1015am, did health check and had this free time to write something before the next class starts on 1pm.
Come and think of it, I haven't got the chance to properly write what's happening during the first week here lol.

The university guidance started last Wednesday (31 March, Wed), quite early compared to other universities. Then again, lots of talks about the new life in the university by various lecturers and staffs.

At the Kamifukuoka campus' plaza.

One of the more complicated part is choosing the subjects, attend the first trial/guidance class and then register it. There're a lot subjects to choose from, so it's gonna take some time to go-thru the subjects. Besides, choosing the suitable time slot is important as well.

The daily time-table starts off from 9am, to 6pm. So far the time-table may not be the best for me (4 days classes start at 9am), but I think I should be able to get used to it.

Back to the orientation....

On the April Fool's day, went to the Kawagoe campus there to attend the university entrance ceremony.

The standard signboard for many events in Japan.

The hall where the ceremony is held, Year 2000 Commemorative Hall (2000年記念館).

The Kawagoe campus is huge with the wide central plaza looking over the surrounding buildings.

The main lecture/auditorium building, where I took the university entrance exam last year.

Students and parents waiting outside before we're allowed to enter the hall.

With 2 other Malaysian coursemates, Anis & Sook Teng. Just freshly came to Japan few weeks ago.

Good thing that there're fellow Malaysians around, so that I won't felt that bored out or alone. I still need a little more time to get together with the Japanese but on the good side I'm slowly getting better to communicate with them.

Inside the hall. As expected, speeches followed by bowing, the Japanese style.

What matters the most is the guidance rather than the entrance ceremony, as it implies, for ceremonial without any significant purpose.

Let's change the topic to the class now. So far so good, been able to concentrate 90% of the time, didn't doze off into zzzz surprisingly (although some subjects might be boring). Good thing I'm kinda interested in the subjects so I will be more alert hah.
What's more surprisingly, there's even a teacher who asked us to bring game machine (PSP, DS etc.) and PLAY IN THE CLASS!! How cool is that hahah.

So far it's a good start in this new life, will be looking forward for the classes and hopefully everything will be running smoothly! ;)

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