06 April 2010

First Year in Japan

Well, I dunno how to start here, but it seems time passed rather fast as I've been here in Japan for a year already.

I first reached the shores of Japan on 2nd April 2009, around 7am in the morning. Stayed in Arakawa-ku (荒川区), Tokyo for a year to attend my Japanese language school, ABK, which is about 20 mins away by bicycle. It's consider relatively close to Tokyo's standard.

Falling sakura near my previous hostel, taken last year.

Choosing to study here in Japan is not an easy decision to make, but I had thought of furthering my studies abroad at somewhere else, to explore new places; see new things; meet new people; and most importantly, learn something that's beneficial for my future. Before this, I had considered study in Australia, and obviously the plan didn't work.

Looking back what I've achieved in this one year's time, I'd say it's been fully-utilised especially in learning the Japanese language. I used to doubted whether my Japanese can improve within a year's time, and I'm glad that at the end of the day, it's possible and it works for me.

Being alone in this foreign land, there're lots of things where you've to do it by your own. I'm fortunate enough that during my first year here I had people around who helped and guided me along the way. I'm thankful for everyone who'd assisted me, directly or indirectly, purposely or accidentally.

Japanese language school classmates! Last year's school trip to somewhere near Mt. Fuji.

There're lots of things I've learn from the teachers and staffs in the Japanese language school, to the friends. I realised that although the knowledge and result are important, but life is meaningless without socialising and communicating with the others.

My perception of people and myself changed quite a bit within a year's time. I've been too serious sometimes, and I guess it's OK to stay relax awhile. Maybe is such that I can't afford to get too laid back until I might've neglected more important matters....

Putting my personal matter aside, moving from Tokyo to Saitama made me felt in love with Tokyo even more, as it's very convenient to get to almost everywhere, and not to forget the facilities, parks, gardens which are great to hangout.
To be fair, Saitama isn't that bad, not as countryside as I feared, but still I'd prefer more urban settings. :)

Old street of Koedo, Kawagoe (川越小江戸).

There's still a long way to go for my life in Japan. 4 more years to go as I step into the university to start a brand new life!

New season, new life. All the best to everyone and good luck in our studies!

Full blossom sakura marks a new season!


  1. It also had been a year since I'm coming to Japan. But I haven't write a post like that yet... LOL

  2. hahah worth to write it to record down what happened within a year's time. :)