11 April 2010

The Good & Bad

Settling down here at the new place, here's the initial thoughts I had after staying here for just 2 days so far.
Usually people will start with the Good first, but I'd like to start with the Bad.

  • Friends = 0. But eventhough if I went back to Tokyo now, not many friends are around as they started moving out as well.
  • Lack of social interactions. The only few people I spoke to so far are the hostel keeper and the canteen staffs. Not with other residents though. 
  • Not used to socialise with local Japanese. As per the reason above, seems like I'm living in a different channel, different world than the Japanese especially the youngsters, and that's why cant start to communicate with them. Need some time to warm up huh.
  • Lack of shops. Have to walk kinda further away to get to proper shoplots. 
  • Room without enough cabinets. Beside the desk, a simple bookshelf and a small wardrobe, there's nothing much left. I'm thinking of getting cabinet units when I went out to look around soon.
  • Doesn't feels like home at all. This might take some time but compared to the previous hostel, I can get used to it pretty fast, probably is because that time still having friends around.
  • Don't feel like staying in the room for long so I'll try to go out as often I as I can and come back late. 
  • Narrow road. Nowadays walking or cycling down the street doesn't feel safe anymore as there isn't really pedestrian walkway and we're sharing the same road with the car drivers. Although the Japanese drivers are generally careful, but one can't take it for granted eh.
  • For around 60k yen per month, it covers 2 meals, electric, water and Internet bills. Not bad considering it's in Kanto.
  • Located in between the university's 2 campuses. But I still need to cycle for 20~30 mins to reach though.
  • Relatively close to Tokyo. It only took me like 45 mins to reach Ikebukuro, so basically it's still consider near in Japan.
  • Cleaner environment. Getting out of town, the environment is much friendlier but to give credit to Japan, even Tokyo is a clean city and one can take in a deep breath without worrying any stench. 
  • Trains. There're a few train stations near my place, though I had to walk 15~20 mins to reach each of it. Anyway it's convenient if I plan to goto Saitama city or down to Tokyo. 
  • Comfortable bed. This would probably be the biggest improvement over the previous hostel. A good rest is pretty much needed for the hectic life!

Well basically what you've read above are my initial thoughts when I first moved to the new place. I wrote down the list just few days after moving here so some of the points wouldn't make sense now lol.

It's kinda surprising that I've been here for a month already.... yet I still need a little while to really settle down the feeling. Like I said, the mind needs to make peace with the new environment.

Actually it isn't that bad, considering facilities are kinda well-equipped; I can get to most places by bike.

Besides, I've started to speak with a few fellow hostelmates and so far the outcome has been pretty good. To initiate a chat is important to open up the gate of social barrier. I think slowly I'll be get used to it and be more open talking with fellow Japanese peers.

Slowly setting into the new life.... and hopefully the university there will be going on smoothly as well. I really wish that I can get most things settled within April!

'til then, here's a sakura tree not far away from the hostel.

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  1. Japanese always care about their appearance, even they are not happy with their looks! You're right, Tokyo is a clean city and one can take in a deep breath without worrying any stench. Not like in New York or other different worldwide's largest cities! Well, I need to write my paper for me and will be leaving your online portal now!