11 April 2010

This Weekend

The first weekend after a busy week in the university. Classes started rather fast and just a blink of an eye, a week had passed. Next week will be busy as well, but I'm certain that after the initial few weeks, when everything is settled things will be back to normal, I guess.

This weekend, went out again to cure my boredom....


Went to Tokyo to catch up with ex-hostelmate Jia Yi as he'd just came back from Malaysia few days ago. It's good for him at least he still have a few days to spare before the lessons in the Japanese language school resumes on next week.

The location, Hibiya Park (日比谷公園), is located near the Imperial Palace and Ginza.

Sakura trees in the park are almost balding, replacing the flowers with green shoots.

One thing I like about this park is it's location at one of the most expensive lands in Japan. Looking at the surrounding, it's covered with jungle of concrete buildings.

Blazing flowers! The colours are so vivid that I couldn't believe it's real! :O

As per my advice, Jia Yi got himself a camera before the sakura season ends. It's similar to mine, though it's much newer and better specs. Canon IXY 10S.

Can you spot the thing?

Apparently a new Detective Conan anime will be launched soon?

After the brief walk down the park we headed back to the language school ABK to check out the new class lists. Was quite surprise that there're 2 friends, Jia Ming & Wei Shiuan of my batch are retaking the course this time. If not mistaken they're aiming for the national-type university which will be cheaper than private.

While heading to the next place I happened to bump into teachers who're just coming back from attending the new students' entrance ceremony. Met Endo sensei and Yamaguchi sensei (but no sign of Akimoto sensei), and heard that Endo sensei will be taking D9 this time, the last class on the list....

The late lunch is at Hamazushi, my favourite sushi place of all. Good timing for me to try out their new Spring menu. Didn't really take much pics, but the winner of the day goes to this Peking Duck!

Usually I'll order at most 2 plates of the same dish, but this time I've actually ordered 3 and thinking of going for the 4th! Eating this roast duck reminds me of the roast chicken back in Malaysia, arghh.....


A sunny Sunday, too sunny in fact, reminds me of summer! I still feel hot even after taking off the jacket! Suddenly the weather jumps to such temperature, can't get used to it eventhough I came from a tropical country.

Today's destination is somewhere near my university campus. Usually I don't have much time and mood to explore so given today's a holiday no harm trying to move around eh?

Seems like there're some historical landmarks around, but most towards the east side, across the train track.

This is the largest 100 yen shop I ever came across!

They even have some classical CDs at 100 yen!
classical music CDs for 100 yen!

In the end I've bought 10 items so it cost 1,050 yen (5% tax). 100 yen shop is one of the greatest thing ever happened in Japan hah!

Tsukemen for lunch, 750 yen. Nothing to shout about.

Otaru Zushi, not far away from my university. Asked for a job here and will be interviewed this Tuesday evening. Hopefully I can land myself this dream job hah!

Vast field just behind the university campus.

Sakura tree at a kindergarten.

Some sort of traditional architecture.

Spring colour~

The side where 2 local rivers join to become one. This is Shingashi-gawa (新河岸川).

One of the discoveries of the day is an alternative route heading towards the university. I dislike taking the main route as it's kinda dangerous and the road isn't that nice to ride on, and hopefully this new road will be slightly faster as well.

That's all for this weekend. Tomorrow will start of the busy days again.... going to collect my part-time work permit before attending the class. Too bad the weather might be going against me this time. :(

All the best to everyone else out there! Rushing for assignments, exams, or just settling down in new place like me! Ganbatte!!


  1. looking forward to trying your sushi!

  2. ^^ Indeed yesterday was such a hot day.

    But what surprised me is that today had become such a cold day again...WTF

  3. Ken: hahah TQ~ come Saitama find me lol.

    MH: lol yeah!! temperature difference by 10'C!!

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