13 March 2010

Short Trip to FGS Temple

Today's schedule is not as packed as previous few days, going to so many places by foot or bicycle. Main destination of the day is the Tokyo FGS Temple (東京佛光山寺) near Ikebukuro, where I'll be joining their activities tomorrow.

Today's breakfast, glorious bacon & egg, pasta, rice and a few toppings, and a cup of chocolate + coffee drink. Oh almost forgotten the 2 slices of apple.
ohayo gozaimasu! gd morning! today's bfast, egg bacon rice etc.

The stuffs I ordered yesterday arrived around 1045am.

The long carpet. Should've got the wider one but anyway will make do with this one for now. Cost around 700 yen.

Tobu Tojo line's map (東武東上線). I'll need 40 mins to reach Ikebukuro by normal local train, or almost half and hour by semi-express train.

Switching trains at Wako City (和光市).

It's one of the major train hub at the outer rim of Tokyo as it connects to 2 Tokyo Metro lines as well, the Yurakucho line (有楽町線) and Fukutoshin line (副都心線).

Tobu Tojo line express train to Ikebukuro.

Got down at Oyama (大山) station and walked to the temple, not that far away, just around 10 mins walk.
Noticed today's more crowded than last time I went, as it's weekend and more people had free time to come visit and have a talk together.

My actual purpose of going there is to get familiar how to get there, and also try to help if there's anything I can do. Also to find out some info about tomorrow's youth activities as I've joined in.

But before I could do anything, I was being treated this bowl of noodle.
Needless to say, it's superb and reminded me the kind of taste which I've forgotten a very long time.
Then again, I don't mind eating great vegetarian dishes like this everyday!

Got to know a few new members of the youth team, namely Taiwanese Michael who're studying Ph.D now, Yumi-san and Hirotaka-san whom both are just freshly out from Japanese high-school and getting into tertiary education. Also not to forget another Taiwanese with the name Nobu.
Most of them are younger than me so makes me felt kinda aged lol....

Nothing much to help, just moved a few items and setup the audio visual thingy. Tomorrow I'll be managing the audio visual system which sooner or later will be my profession lol.

Oh yea just took a pic inside, the main hall which houses the Buddha statue. Like I said, it reminded me of the Dong Zen Temple back in Malaysia.

Got back home around 530pm, and since I had the time decided to fix up the cabinet earlier.... Here's the result.


The cabinet drawer cost around 4k yen, and can be used as another desk extension as well since the height is similar to the main desk. This can be a good thing considering I'd like to have another smaller laptop. :)


  1. ^^ Good to see new things~

    Wow.. So you got to know few more friends now... Hmm... Maybe I should take part in those kind of activities too hmm...

  2. Just the beginning la hah, hopefully can うまく進める~

    if u're interested to join you're most welcomed. although it's religious stuffs but they welcome anyone with open hands~ :D

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