13 March 2010

Self Reflection

I thought of writing this post in Japanese, but somehow think that it's better to write in a language I'm more familiar with so that I can express out my thoughts more effectively.


So far it's been the 5th day I've settled down in this new place. Upon exploring this new place more, started to get familiar with it. Thank goodness that it isn't as rural as I initially thought, with quite some shops along the main street just a few zig-zag roads across the hostel. Somehow I still prefer urban settings, though the area I'm staying at currently is considered suburban.


I still remember the initial few days settling down here, the feeling was terrible. Somehow I still missed friends and the familiarity, ease of access to those areas in Tokyo. I didn't thought of running away from it, because I've chosen to study and stay here at the first place so I'll just let it flow naturally, as I believe slowly I shall get things back on track.


I'm glad to say that by today I'm feeling like 70% much better, to accept the new place and trying to make a few new friends. According to the hostel keeper, there'll be more newcomers coming in in these few weeks and later in April there'll be some activities to introduce fellow hostelmates all together.

Lonely dude watching TV.

Talk about the hostel, the facilities are great actually, no complains from the food to the shower room (though have to do it the Japanese way). Hostel keeper Mr Satou is kind enough to help me bits of this and that. Physically everything's fine, just that the inner me haven't made peace entirely with the new environment. But anyway, I think that I'm progressing well settling down here.

First dinner at the hostel.

I have like 2 weeks++ til the university session starts on early April, and within this 2 weeks I wonder what should I be doing to fill in the time. I'm looking forward to meet a few friends or met someone new in downtown Tokyo, but that'll hurt my PASMO card as a trip down to Tokyo now would cost at least 400 yen (single way).


I actually had plans to get some new stuffs here, but I guess I better save up the money until I start working or receive scholarship. Gonna spend wisely, only spend on necessity and once in awhile a self-indulgence.
Nowadays would prefer books and music CDs as those would last longer and more useful.


Last but not least, a few words to my friends in Tokyo whom we've been together for a year.


As what others' impression on me, I'm being too serious sometimes and not so easily to fool around. I've to admit that at times I've being harsh towards the other friends. It might because that they acted too childishly, immature and I'd like to remind them that you're coming out to this world and there's no more fooling around. But there're much better ways to tell them instead of like me harshly commented on their attitudes time to time.


To those I might have harmed, I'd like to apologise as I do not intend to cause hard feelings, but just hope that you can become a much mature person to face the world that awaits us. I don't wanna see friends entering university, struggling to mix with the Japanese society.
And besides, being fellow Malaysian I think I had the obligation to remind that it's not good to give wrong impression of us Malaysians to the teachers and staffs in the school. We aren't kids anymore, so there're things that we ought to be more careful with eh.


Anyway, I really appreciate the friendships we all harvested together in just a year's time (16 months for few of them). It ain't easy but glad that everyone had fun back then. As I mentioned before, to separate with those friends is one of the most heart-ache moments leaving Tokyo. But this is life in Japan, as we'll be furthering our studies in different sectors at different places so that'll make it more difficult for us to meet again.


Let's just hope that as times goes by, I will be settling down for good without any ill feelings about the past, look forward for the bright future and do my best in the university! There're still 4 more years to go mate!
Good Luck! 頑張れ!加油!



  1. Good luck too~
    You there still better loh.. Mine here both side of my house no body live one~ haha. quite lonely at night.