15 March 2010

Fruitful Day

Finally a day trip down to Tokyo, after been stuck in Saitama for a few days (err, not exactly stuck actually, just didn't really went ahead that far hah).
This time the main purpose is to join the FGS Temple's youth event, a first time for me.

The Tobu Tojo line, noticed this train is more modern compared to other train lines.

The seats are comfy but not so practical especially during rush hours, as it's not space-efficient.

Today's more crowded than usual in the temple as it's weekend and having activities going on. Settled down awhile, chatted with a few fellows, namely two Japanese boys Hirotaka-kun & Takaharu-kun, and another Canadian who's doing Ph.D, Jeff. It's kinda nice to have a little chat, and kinda interesting we talk about different cultures and religious stuffs.

Lunch at the temple, as usual is heavenly! 野菜たっぷり!

The main event, which is a blessing ceremony for youths.

As one can expected from such religious event, motivational talks were carried out to remind us of the responsibility of becoming an adult.
Few "hearts" to take note here: 感谢心、尊重心、自信心。 (gratitude, respect, confidence)
Master Hui Kuan. (慧宽法师)

Giftpack I received, which contains a music CD, a book and a handphone strap. A book is certainly good for me heh. :)

Later when the event finished around 5pm, walked to Ikebukuro station and bump into a familiar face on the way. Ah Chai used to studied Japanese language at the same place before coming here to Tokyo, and it's been a year since I last saw her. Kinda nice to met a familiar face randomly on the road lol.

The next destination is the Japanese language school ABK, where I met Kesenaitsumi over there. The timing was good as able to met with other friends as well, like Leang, Maritan etc.

Hibiscus flower at ABK lobby. Was being told that it exists since long ago but I only noticed it today.

Humanless ABK lobby. This place is packed with students during lunch breaks.

Dinner together with friends at a restaurant called Coco's, just above my favourite Hamazushi. Too bad Hamazushi is crowded during weekend and we can't really wait for it.
Oh this is teriyaki chicken steak with rice set. Cost 960 yen.

New menu for Spring in Hamazushi. 生桜えび, not quite sure what type of shrimp it uses.

Hanami poster at JR Sugamo station. April is the sakura season and they're advertising to encourage people to visit those places to see those beautiful blooming flowers.

Journey back to the hostel took about almost an hour sharp, which is still OK in Tokyo's term.
I don't really wanna bother about the transportation cost, as it's priceless to be together with friends hah. :D

And hopefully, I'll have more meaningful days like this to come in this few weeks time too! :)

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