29 March 2010

Brief Update

Sorry for lack of proper updates for few days. Been busy going out meeting friends here and there, leaving the computer by aside. Actually this is good as I don't really need to rely too much on the computer.  :P

Some pics from the few outings so far, hopefully I can manage to write out proper posts for each of it!

Tokyo Trip with Calvin, Kai Cung & Shei Pien. Dinner at Bangkok Kitchen! March 23.

Crashing at Calvin's place at Chiba, had great meals and great time with friends! :D March 24.

Back to my previous hostel, the sakura tree is budding! March 25.

So-called hanami at Asukayama wasn't that successful. Sakura haven't fully bloom yet, and the miss-forecasted rain doesn't help either. March 26.

Dinner with delicious char siew at Kok Wai's place.

The inner part of Meiji Jingu. March 27.

Lester's farewell at Jonathan's West Shinjuku.

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