25 March 2010

Pause and Think

Lately I've been going out quite frequently, meeting friends and exploring places I have or haven't been before. This is the time when schools and universities are having break and class will not resume until April.
As for me I've been settling down here in Saitama for say, 2 weeks plus.

Somehow, although I'm getting more familiar with the place, even after 2 weeks I still can't really call this place a "home" yet. Somewhat I still felt that I still need more time to adapt to it.

I Love Tokyo! (without forgetting Kuala Lumpur at the same time)

To be fair, the things in the hostel are nice.
The meals suited my tastebud well, the toilet and shower room are as clean as the Japanese can be proud of. Besides, I don't need to worry about electricity and gas bills as everything's included in the monthly rental. Transportations are relatively easy with a train station just 15 mins away by foot.
This is probably one of the best deals around for students, especially in Japan. But.... somehow my mind haven't made peace with it entirely.

I know that I should be grateful on what I had currently. I'm thankful for it but I haven't really accept it mentally. It's something dangerous that as long as my mind haven't achieve secureness and serenity, no matter how great the physical things are they just can't seem to make any sense. Weird huh....

Do note that I'm not having any problems with emotions now, I'm glad that the worst had passed and now I'm on my way rebuilding up my confidence foundation again. Confidence as usual, is one of the many traits to achieve a positive lifestyle isn't it?

Tokyo Dome City amusement park. Life is full of ups and downs just like roller coaster isn't it?

On the other hand, I've nothing but feeling thankful still having bunch of friends whom I can meet around Tokyo. There're some I've just recently gain acquaintance of, but anyway after a few chit-chats we basically don't have any social barriers at all, talk and laugh all the way like bunch of close friends. I do enjoy moments like this, spice up the dull life.

At Bangkok Kitchen restaurant near Ginza. Photo credit: Calvin.

The Spring holiday is just ~2 weeks to go before I'll officially start a brand new life in university. The Japaneses are smart to start a new semester during the sakura blossoming period, which is one of the best season in Japan (though some people might still prefer autumn heh).
I take it as one of the breakthroughs in life where I'll put aside things from the past, and look forward to learn new things, to be someone which able to contribute to the society, directly or indirectly. :)


Just few more weeks to go, and things will be getting interesting!
Wish all the best for my friends and folks out there, have a great time and all the best in this new season, new semester, and new life!


  1. Since you have written about the incident in the church, I might do it as well :P

    Anyway, nice to meet you two and it was a great outing!

  2. lol not really the brightest thing but anyway since it happened just write about it lor lol.