08 January 2010

My Names, CLF

Was checking through my documents today to apply for scholarship, and flipped through my secondary school's record book.
Sort of nostalgic to look at the statistics recorded in the book, while the mind's reflecting what it has been during that particular year.

One interesting thing I noticed is my names (yes, plural) written by each year's class teacher. I had 5 different teachers for 5 years, so that means I had 5 unique names written by each of them.

Let's start with Form 1, in year 2002. Written by Cik Zainab (I think should be a "Puan" by now. :P)
Looking at these words now, I thought it's just like any other writings written by girls around late-teenage years. But then, she was quite young by that time (I didn't know her exact age after all).

Year 2003, I had Pn Teoh YC as my class teacher.
Somehow I felt that there's similarity compared with my own writing (will be shown later).

Puan Hanani was my Form 3's class teacher in year 2004.
I would say this is my favourite of all 5, very artistic and similar to my current style of continuous-writing.

This, from Ms Lim GH in year 2005, was rather normal but I noticed something different in it.
Notice the letter "a" in "Fan", normally we Malaysians would write small letter "a" as what you can observe on the other examples given. We are trained to write like and it's kinda uncommon to see "a" written in such style.
Personally, I prefer the style we usually write, as it's much easier to write in my opinion.

Final year, 2006. Ms Siah SC wrote this.
Simple and pretty common, that's what I thought.

Here are a few examples of the name I wrote myself, in different times.

Year 2002, when I just entered the school. Was asked to write our details on the first page of the book.
This writing is still kinda raw, as I'm just "upgraded" from primary to secondary school.

Form 4, year 2005.
Pretty much alike with my writing today.

Hah now this is rather casual, usually this is how it looks like when I write (or rather, sign it) quickly.
Dated in year 2006.

Examples I've written today.

Should be the most common style I use currently. Notice how the "g" is written.

Slightly different styles.

Neatest to messiest; slowest to fastest.

Also dug out this old result of mine. Nothing to be proud or ashamed about it, as it has passed long long ago.

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