09 January 2010

First Week Back To School

After the 3 weeks long winter holiday, I'm back to the language school on Wednesday. We were fortunate to start 2 days later as most Japanese are back in school or workplace on Monday.

The day started with Yamaguchi sensei's class. As expected, we were asked to talk about our experience on the Japanese New Year, 1st of Jan. For me, I can't remember having any sort of celebration but friend's birthday which falls on that day as well. Well I didn't celebrate the new year in the Japanese way this time, but maybe in next year's celebration I might be celebrating with bunch of Japanese friends heh.

The sensation of being back to school in a new year is somewhat special to me. Back then, I was looking forward to see who would be my classmates for this new class, or which teacher will be teaching my class. It was a positive start for new semester.

The situation changed when I was in college, as everything remained almost the same as previous year except the changes in time-table and switches of lecturers. Don't really had much memories from that period of time but surely, college life has been an interesting part of my life.  :)

I still had a few more years of such "new year new semester" sensations to go, as my university life will last 'til April 2013 (tentatively).
Surely there are a lot of things to look forward in a new year, another 365 days to create opportunities, learn new things, meet new friends and make new discoveries.

Year 2010, hope it will be a great year for you and me. Work hard and study smart~  :)

The university's entrance permit.

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