07 January 2010

Earphones Macro Shots

I was kinda bored the other day so decided to take some pics of the earphones lying around the table.
After tested awhile I find it to be quite a good exercise to practise macro shots.

These are actually a very basic pair of earphones by Sony, MDR-E10LP.

The Sony Walkman logo.

Closeup of the main casing unit. The casing is semi-transparent so you can see the cable inside it.

Closer look into the transducer unit.

Long ago before I've discovered in-ear monitors, IEMs (aka canalphone), I would stuck with these kind of earphones (earbuds for some) enjoying music from my Creative MP3 player. The best earphone I had back then was a puny Creative EP-50.

The problem with earbuds is that it's not easy to get a nice fit on the ears. When you can't get a good fit, there'll be sound leakage thus hampering the listening experience. One symptom is the earbud wouldn't last long on the ears and will keep falling. It's quite annoying to keep readjusting the positions.

It was sometime around 2008 when I get serious with audio stuffs thus "invested" in my first pair of IEMs.

This is the current IEM I frequently using. Mylarone Bijou 4 by the Korean company Crossroads.

Attached to the earphone is the double-flenge eartip, for better sealing.

It's one of the better sounding IEMs I ever had so far, been using it like almost everyday especially during commuting.

One of the recently acquired IEMs is this Audio Technica ATH-ANC3, noise-cancelling earphones.

The portable case.

Not too dull design.

The control for the noise-canceling function.

It's not bad but I seldom use it as it's specifically used when I need to enjoy music in noisy environment like in the train or in the plane. The noise-canceling does work quite well though it can't cancel out every noise but heck, not even Sony's expensive noise-canceling headphonecan achieve it as well!

A shot of the bigger headphone, Audio Technica ATH-M50.

So far the best audio gear, the best sounding headphone I ever own. Got it a year ago.

Besides Sony, this is the other brand which I had faith in for audio stuffs, Audio Technica.

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