15 December 2009

Searching For New Accommodation

After I've passed my university's exam, I'm on a mission to search for my coming accommodation for next year, hopefully a place where I'll be settle down for a longer term, say, 4 years of university life?

I had zero clue about it, so went to the Shobi University's Kamifukuoka campus (尚美学園大学上福岡キャンパス) where I'll be studying next year to ask for information. As they don't have the sufficient info, I was being diverted to the Kawagoe campus' (川越キャンパス) international students support unit.

Not a real problem for me as I've went there before. Spoke to the person-in-charge and was shown a few choices of dorms. There're 2 ideal dorms, but the dorm's availability is still unconfirmed so I can only make the choice for the other one.
Not sure how the dorm looks like so went ahead to check the dorm out after the support unit's staff helped to made an arrangement.

The dorm is called "Dormy Kawagoe Kishimachi" (ドーミー川越岸町), more info available here.

The room, almost same size as the one I'm staying right now. Without toilet or kitchen though.

Comes with a big public bathroom, and most importantly, 2 meals (breakfast & dinner) are included 6 days per week.

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The person-in-charge of the dorm, Mr Satou was kind enough to show me around the dorm. Sorry but I didn't take any pics from the inside as I'm too concentrate to look around the new surroundings lol.
Mr Satou was helpful enough to explain the things with the mixture of Japanese & English, though I can get it all by Japanese heh.

Majority of the occupants are Japanese, and so far there're only 2 Korean foreign students. So if I were to move in next year, I'll be the 3rd foreign student there huh.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the dorm after brief inspection. Facilities are top-notch, much better than the current hostel I'm staying.

I took a stroll at nearby, and took this shot of the dorm.

Yep, the dorm is just beside a river (or canal?)! :D

The area, Kishimachi of Kawagoe City (川越市岸町) is pretty much a residential area and farmlands. Not as busy as those town, but good for living I think. My only complain is that the roads are too narrow to fit in even a car!

OK some pics I took.

Random junction.

A drugstore with parking lots, something hard to find in Tokyo.

Pretty Japanese house, mixture of modern and traditional style.

Traditional Japanese single-story house, comes with a wooden entrance.

Nice western-style residence.

Another type of western housing unit.

Private residence, quite good for ordinary Japanese's standard.

This household had valuable land plot to do some gardening.

You're definitely out of Tokyo when you see this lol.

A little off topic, but pity this Toyota Crown, was a proud car but ended up rotting like this.

Local shoe shop, quite big huh.

Suzuki Arena, where you can rent/buy Suzuki cars.

I settle my late lunch here, Katsuya.

Decided to have katsudon (カツ丼).

Katsudon (Matsu) カツ丼(松), comes with 2 pieces of big katsu-ros and 2 eggs.

I kinda underestimated the dish, as I'm struggling to finish it although I'm very hungry at that time heh. Although it tasted quite nice, but tonkatsu (豚カツ) won't be my top choice of food as it's fried stuff, something I try to avoid if possible.

I would frequently visit this station soon.... Shingashi (新河岸).

As usual whenever I'm back to Ikebukuro I would check out BicCamera for any new stuffs. Kinda interested in getting a Sony Walkman CD player, but just a thought, as I don't have extra cash to spend on extra amenities as such.

iRiver Hello Kitty MP3 player. 2GB for 6,000 JPY.

The famous landmark of BicCamera Ikebukuro, the big handphone/mobile!

Walked randomly around and at the end of the day took the Toden Arakawa line back to hostel. It might be slower than other trains but it's the cheapest (160 yen) and head straight to the station near hostel, sweet.

This coming few days, or next week gonna be settling the new dorm's application. Although there're still spaces but I better make my move first to avoid any other competitions.

'til then, I still have a lot of other things to update lol.

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