18 December 2009

Collecting EJU's result

It wasn't in my plan today, but around afternoon hostelmate Cong Jie called and ask whether wanna goto school to collect the EJU's result.
It was a spontaneous decision and I agreed without hesitating heh.
Actually I thought of collecting it tomorrow (Friday) early in the morning, then proceed to another destination at Asukayama (飛鳥山) near Oji (王子).

Collected the result from the school office, and some of the staffs are actually grinning, I wonder why....

Here's the result:

The Japanese language's result scored quite good for my standard, as that's around how much I usually get during practises. No complains~ :)

As for the general subject (Japan & the World) and Maths.... Well perhaps I can do better in the general subject but for Maths.... speechless lol. I'm not used to solving Maths in such method. :P

Well here's a shocker result, heh. Scored by another hostelmate from the 1st class.

Stunning 392 per 400 marks!! She just made a mistake for each sections, but too bad the whole nation's no.1 beat her with the margin of 3 marks! Anyway she's still among the top in the ranking. Congrats 虹ちゃん!

Played pingpong for awhile to kill time as my hands are getting itchier without a game or two. Didn't brought my bat along so wasn't playing that well, but anyway still had great games.

Later had my brunner (breakfast + lunch + dinner) at Hamazushi again, as their 94 yen per plate promotion is too hard to resist for a sushi lover like me hahah.

So-called Medium-fat Indian Ocean Tuna (インドマグロ中とろ), the colour is much redder than the normal pinkish for fatty tuna which kinda baffles me.

New menu for the winter season, raw snow crab (生本ズワイ蟹). I kinda like it but friends commented it's too soft. Crabby yumm....

Today's special was this horse mackerel (鯵; Aji). It was being sliced larger portion than I had last time.

Still stuck within my record, just had 13 plates today. I was quite amazed by myself which able to take in 17 plates of it on last week!

Anyway, tomorrow will proceed with my original plan to goto Asuka-yama. Tokyo exploration continues~ :)


  1. congratz man!!!
    especially for ur nihongo......

  2. thanks mate!
    saw u at school yesterday too hahah.
    all the best to u as well!

  3. congratz!

    Btw, why do Japanese like to use BnW photo for documents?

  4. lol i wonder why.... the Visa also heh.