13 December 2009

The Great Sushi Dinner

Right after I had my last official exam, the JLPT exam, I spent a little time wondering in the crowded streets of Omotesando.


As I mentioned I haven't had my lunch on that day, so I'm starving and desperate need something to ease off the growling stomach.
My eyes are shining when I saw this signboard.

Pardon the bad angle, the focus is on the lower part, not the green tea-cafe heh.

Took this pic while waiting for my turn....

I had to queue before being seated. The couple before me walked away so I'm having a little advantage here. Lucky for me I just need to wait for like 15 mins for my turn. Don't be surprised if you see bunch of Japanese queue for restaurants or shops, they just love to do so heh.

The menu. Click for full size.

Different from the Hamazushi which I frequently visit, the cost per plate here differs depending on what type of sushi it is. The cost ranges from 138 yen to 504 yen per plate.

As an appetizer, I "attacked" the first plate I saw.
Maguro (tuna) set, consist of Tenzen Hon-Maguro Akami (天然本マグロ赤身; Natural tuna red body), Binchou Maguro Ootoro (びんちょうマグロ大トロ; fatty belly of binchou tuna) and Negitoro (ねぎとろ; mashed tuna belly).
This maguro set tasted quite different than those maguro I had before. Love the sensation of the maguro melted in my mouth hahah!

Next up, an unlabeled plate consist of 2 other types of maguro (forgotten the names, sorry) and fatty salmon (サーモン大トロ). Another fav of mine mmm.....
Then again, the taste doesn't disappoint as well this time, fresh fish!

Sashimi dish, which packed with lots of goodies. In clockwise direction, Maguro (tuna), Tako (octopus), dash of wasabi & slice of lemon, Amaebi (sweet shrimp), Ika (squid), Tobiko (flying fish roe), and lastly salmon.
Basically it's a sushi dish but minus the rice. Raw seafood yumm yumm!!

Now here comes the most prized item of the day, introducing the legendary Fatty Tuna Belly (本マグロ大トロ).
Don't let the appearance of the dish deceive you, the flesh literally just melt in the mouth, mmmmmmmmmmm~~~!!! Definitely one of the best sushi I ever had so far in my life!!! :D

Later I tried something I didn't had before, something quite exotic heh.
Monkfish's liver (あんきも, orange) and codfish's milt (鱈白子, white).
A little disappointed, it tasted a bland, even when I dipped it with the soy sauce.

Next is also something which I didn't try before. Read about this dish on the net sometime ago and didn't expect I would landed one in a sushi parlour heh.
Cow's tongue (牛タン), a famous product of Sendai.
Then again I must remind you that don't judge it by it looks. It tasted way better than I expected!! Didn't need to apply any soy sauce (as it's cooked) and it tasted fantastic!

After the adventure, ordered something more familiar to myself. My favourite fatty Salmon (サーモン大トロ) again~

Decided to proceed with the adventure with another unfamiliar dish. Ordered this Aburi Kinmedai (あぶり金目鯛; broiled alfonsino)
Erm..... I don't really know how to appreciate this kind of fish. Perhaps is this deep-sea fish doesn't suit my tastebud, or I haven't get used to it?

Last dish of the day, is Negitoro. It's been one of my favourite as well after trying it out at local sushi shop.
Somehow to my disappointment, I think my local Chiyoda sushi parlour made better Negitoro than this one. Although I had the same dish as the first dish, but this time I get to taste it more thoroughly to came with this conclusion.

Although this is a kaiten-sushi restaurant, but the customers would directly order from the chefs stationed in the centre.

My "kill" of the day, 9 plates.
Total cost is 2.9k yen, costly and I can swallow more than 9 plates hah!
I've worked hard for my exams and test, and to indulge once in awhile like this, is OK I guess. :P

Heiroku Sushi (平禄寿司), Omotesando branch. (website)


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