01 December 2009

Prelude to Autumn's Red Leaves

Oh boy am now uploading 200++ pics worth 777.7MB lol. Here's some of the pics I took today from local parks, which just located within walking distance from the hostel.
Arghh I should have discover these great parks earlier, it's so close and the best of all, IT'S FREE OF CHARGE!

Well the main theme of the day, autumn's red leaves 秋の紅葉. Just a few for now.


If you can't wait for it, you can see all the pics taken today here.

Gonna re-organise all the pics again, and do a proper post here when there's time for it heh.
These 2 weeks will be filled with tests and exams, before the winter holiday which starts next weekend.

'til then, do enjoy the red leaves. :)