30 November 2009

Technical Support from Dell

During the weekend I sent an e-mail to Dell's tech support asking about extending warranty for my Studio 15 laptop, which the warranty will expire by next March.

(click for larger view)

I expect extending the warranty online will be similar with the process of buying a computer system through their website, but to play safe I better ask for clearer details. Since I still had some time to spare, so no harm reaching them by e-mail support.

This afternoon around 4pm+ received a reply from Dell.

dell warranty2

Noticed how "funny" the tone of the tech support eh? I especially amused by the phrase "Do not worry, I will make your life easier." lol.

Anyway, still no words bout the follow up quotation, but I guess it should be around RM 500++ for extending a year, and around ~RM 1000 for 2 years. That's roughly the price I paid last year when I extended my Inspiron laptop's warranty (bought it during Dec 2007's PC Fair).
Currently the Inspiron is used by my parents back home. Thinking of reformatting it next time when I'm back, to start things afresh. Didn't do so last time as fear of losing data.

An important note to those who're using Dell computers (desktop or laptop), it is recommended to extend your warranty while it's still within the warranty period as the users will be given a 50% discount. Else, normally a year's warranty would cost ~RM 1000. That's what the Dell support told me last time.

You might be curious whether the amount of money paid would justify the service? Well for my case, I had 2 hardware problems happening on my Inspiron and Studio 15 so far.

For both cases, a technician came over and had the hardware replaced on the spot (no need send to factory). Laptop hardwares are miniature and fragile, and at the same time it's much expensive than the desktop counterparts.

For me, I rather stick to the safe side rather than sorry, especially when I'm over here in Japan.

The Studio 15 I'm using now, I hope I can continue to use it for some years to come. My next target, possible a non-Windows machine. Do you get what I mean? :P

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