03 December 2009

Father's Blog

Well the other day father asked sis CLH about creating a blog, and sis directed the question to me. Naturally I would recommend Blogger since I'm using it.

In the end, the blog is created on Sina's platform..

I can understand why it's being hosted on Sina, 'coz my sisters are/will be in China and Blogger's been banned by the country, so hosting on Sina is a good choice to overcome this problem.

Talk about this, I had a little difficulty to read the first post on the blog. The level of Chinese used, is beyond my quick "analyse" lol, gonna read it carefully, words by words to get the meaning of it. Kinda ashamed but I must admit that my Chinese skills had dropped. :P
Well, that's what you can expect from someone who had been mainly composing in Chinese through decades.

While the father writes in Chinese Mandarin, ironically the son prefers to write in English or perhaps Japanese instead of the origin language. Hmm......

Parents, pic taken during March when we went up to Genting to watch Kitaro's concert.

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