07 December 2009

JLPT level 2

JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test, 日本語能力試験) is the 2nd official exam I had after the EJU. Both exams are almost a month a part, with the EJU on 8 Nov and JLPT on 6 Dec. Both are Sundays btw.

I'm taking JLPT level 2 this time, consider the intermediate level of Japanese language proficiency. Currently there's the higher level 1 (very tough I heard) ahead of level 2, and level 3 & 4 left behind. This system will be overhauled by next year, with the introduction of further another level, make it 5 levels in total.

The difference between JLPT & EJU is that JLPT is open for anyone (foreigners) to take as a test to determine one's Japanese language capability; EJU on the other hand, is mainly for those who wished to apply for Japanese universities (public or private).
JLPT mainly focuses on daily trivia while EJU is more academical-oriented. That's why I can laugh while doing JLPT due to the funny conversations but I have to squeeze my entire brain to concentrate on the technical terms in EJU's questions. It's not just about scientific terms, but economical and sociological terms are included as well.

Comparing both JLPT & EJU, of course I'm much comfortable doing JLPT, but that doesn't mean I find it easy. It's still as challenging as EJU, but the atmosphere is much relaxed.

I took my exam at the Meiji University Ikuta campus (明治大学生田キャンパス) somewhere around Kawasaki city, Kanagawa province. Going there wasn't really a problem as the Odakyu line (小田急線) is directly connected to the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line which located near my place. Whole journey took about 1 hour+.

Meiji University campus.

Exam started on 9:45am and ended around 2:45pm. Good thing is that for JLPT exam there're sufficient break times, unlike EJU which cruelly confine the candidates in the exam room for few hours straight.


After the exam ended planned to walk around the nearby areas, to relax and celebrate the end of the exam hah.
I ended up at Meiji Jingu (明治神宮前) & Omotesando (表参道). Too bad when I reach there the Meiji Jingu park was closed, so I went to explore elsewhere.

Cosplayers dancing to the tune of some funky songs, as seen from the Meiji Jingu pedestrian bridge.

Crowded park entrance during the weekend.

Yoyogi National Gymnasium (国立代々木競技場), where some events from the Tokyo Olympic 1964 were being held here.

Checked out the Nike flagship store at Omotesando. Was quite a football boots fan so it's nice to look around the new Nike shoes.

Spiky boots decoration, I like.

Nike CTR360 featuring Cesc Fabregas, I like the colour combination.

Nike Tiempo Legend series featuring Carlos Tevez.

Nike Mercurial Vapor V Superfly. Can't believe it's the 5th generation of the series already! Very lightweight, made from carbon-fibre.

I didn't had my lunch yet so I don't really had the mood to continue walk on until I fill my tummy with some good food. I saw this welcoming signboard across the street and immediately hop over to queue in the waiting line.

I shall write about the meal in another post, and here's a peek what kind of restaurant it is. No prize for guessing it right heh.

Read more about the meal here.

Omotesando had put up the light decos for Xmas on the trees, so it's quite a feast for the eyes when the lights lit up after the sunset. Some pics....


2 famous brands, I'm sure female readers would be familiar with it.

From the pics you can see that it's quite crowded in Omotesando. It's said to be the "Ginza of West Tokyo" as Ginza is located on the east side. Lots of famous boutique shops around but Omotesando is much narrower compared to Ginza. I don't really like to be in such crowded area but that's Tokyo, where people would flock to the place of interest to like packed sardines.

This week is the last week of the semester. Will be starting our winter holiday from 12 Dec onwards 'til next year's 6 Jan, quite long huh. Anyway, had no plans of flying back to Malaysia during this period of time.

'til then....

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