24 November 2009

Regain The Long Lost Touch

Today school resumes after an extra holiday yesterday thanks to the "労働感謝の日" (Labour Day) which falls on Monday. Sent my university's entrance stuff via registered post, and had lunch which consist of Mapo Eggplant Rice (マーポ茄子丼), some vege salad and okra natto.

It was around 12:45pm when I'm done with the meal. Don't really felt like playing pingpong though, something's bugging my mind since last night and I wanna calm down the unsettled mind.

Decided to cycled to the local council's park since there're quite some red leaves over there.

Pics taken from my phone.

Starring at the pretty red colours somewhat calmed me awhile. Penned down some thoughts running in my mind on paper while listening to some nice music from Final Fantasy Dissidia. I knew I wouldn't be able to "let out" if I were to write it out by sitting in front of the computer, in my room. Don't really have the atmosphere of composing heh.

Once I'm done writing, I cycled around without any destination, just to try my luck whether I would discover new places, or get lost in the end lol.
Cruising around the unfamiliar areas, listening to some soothing tunes, and with the breeze, is quite a fun experience. I just simple cycle nearby the local river and luckily I didn't get lost after all lol.

Not sure where I cycled but roughly here's the area I've covered.

I think I've cycled close to 10km? Not quite sure but I've been cycling non-stop for almost 2 hours. Cycling along the riverbank is fun, but too bad the view is not great enough to shout of.

It was until 3:30pm when I cycled to another local park. Spotted some local kids playing football at the field, stimulating my urge to play football again, which I haven't been touching for more than half a year. The last time I had a football game, probably around Jan or Feb with the good old gang at Air Panas futsal court.

Back in Malaysia, I used to hit the ball alone behind my house when I wanted to exercise, or just merely wanted to release stress.

Posing in college, heh.
Football gear

I didn't came with proper football gears (eg: short pants, football boots) but anyhow I still able to play the game quite well with the few kids.

They're around 12,13 years old I believe, and yet they're playing quite well. I bet they're far better than me when I was around that age, they had the skills to kick the ball properly and dribble around.

It was fun to play the game. Standing at certain parts of the field reminded me the feeling I had when I was playing back there in KL. Sort of nostalgic, and great to work out my rusty skills heh.

Luckily I'm still able to control the ball nicely, and still able to volley it. Maybe is because of the shoes I'm wearing, I'm unable to curl the ball as high as I wanted.

I ran out of breath just a moment into the game, after I burst on the field to catch the ball. As expected, my stamina didn't improve, I will still easily get exhausted after running and chasing around.

I left around 4:30pm as the day's getting darker. I'm exhausted after all the exercises I had.

Anyhow, it's great to be able to touch the ball again, regain the long lost touch which I used to enjoyed. Playing football briefly does helped me to ease off a little besides from my usual "musical therapy" or writing. Parts where mental-treatment couldn't heal it, physical ones might cure it.

So, did all these activities solved the problem bugging in my mind? No it doesn't but somewhat helped me to unclot the mind, able to think more clearly. I hope with a good sleep I would regain the mental strength I needed.

実は、かの じょのことだから、私が困っている。ある人がかん じょに追いついているそうだ。カンジョウがまだあるのに、そんなことがあって、驚いてった。
今から何があるのは、まだわからないので、最後までかん じょに信じてる~
しょうらいかの じょと一緒に過ごしてほしいぃぃぃぃ~~~ みらいのつまになるだろう?


Hopefully in the end, things will be going according to my flow. Time's ticking, and there're factors which I couldn't control at all.


  1. Why did you choose to write that final part in Japanese? But I have actually expected what stuff that had been bugging you. Very normal to go through this kind of phase, and you will get over it very soon.

    All the best ;)

    P/S: 彼女は今どこに居るの?マレーシア?

  2. はははありがとう。


  3. そっか、なるほど!


  4. えっと、ちょっとわからない。。。

  5. なーるほどね。
    さすが頭いいね o.O

  6. こんばんは

  7. こんばんは~

    私にいいことのために、お祈りしましょうか? hahah.... thanks for dropping by. :)