25 November 2009

My Sushi Love Affair

Heh, if you've been following this blog for some time you would notice that one of my favourite food is sushi, raw seafoods yeah.

Bought from local sushi shop, with 50% off.

Not everyone can accept eating uncooked, raw (or sometimes even living) fish, even if it's been sliced to the perfection. Usually the given reasons would be tasted weird, looks disgusting (mostly due to rubbery appearance) and some would just reject without trying it anyway.

I can't really remember how I acquired this appetite of eating sushi, but the first raw thing I ever tried was a raw oyster. That was sometime when I was in early secondary school year, where the family had dinner at a Japanese restaurant somewhere in KL.

Many is taken back by it's slimmey look, I was one of them. Father encouraged me to try it, so yep I tried. After squeezing the lime/lemon juice, add some Tabasco sauce and other condiments, slim the thing down.
It tasted great, and from that time onwards I look raw seafood differently than ever.

Having taken oysters before, the raw fishes on sushi seems to be tame and mild heh. Anyway I had limited knowledge about sushi at that time so most of the time I would settle with the basic salmon sushi.

Meal like this was considered one of the highlights, the most expensive meal I would treat myself back in KL.
Sashimi + Tempura set

Perhaps you can say that sushi is one of the many reasons why I chose to come here to study lol.... the land of sushi.

Full course such as this can cost up to 10,000 yen. Taken from delivery pamphlet.

So what's my favourite type of sushi? Hmm.... kinda hard to decide but for now would be salmon and maguro (tuna).

And it's kinda amazing to learn that both these fishes doesn't exist in traditional sushi. In fact, the maguro (tuna) was considered as a low-grade fish and nobody's willing to eat it.
Such similar case applies to lobsters too, as only servants or maids would be eating it. How irony that seafood used to be discarded carelessly are now regarded as top dishes huh...

Showcase of some sushi pics.

Fatty salmon. Mmm....

Ebi (shrimp/prawn). A good starter for first-timer as this is slightly cooked so it's not raw.
Ebi sushi

Some assortments. Anago, harami, negitoro, ikura, amaebi etc.

Worth to try this ikura (salmon roe) when you're more used to eating raw stuffs heh.

Eating with friends.

Extensive menu from one of my favourite hangout spot. Read here and here.

My tower record, 15 plates lol.

One thing for sure, that sushi is not cheap even over here in Japan. Because of it I can only indulge in it once in awhile.

One of the best sashimi I ever had in my life lol.

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