28 November 2009

Life Update

Hello again, this is me reporting from Tokyo heh.

So it's close to the end of Nov already huh? How fast time flies.... to shift from the tropical Malaysia to the currently 4 seasons Japan. One more month to go, for a new year to come. 迎えに新年を!

I'm pretty much free from the heavyload of school works I had before EJU, but that's not the end until I finish up my JLPT which falls on next Sunday.

This coming 2 weeks will be having quite a lot of tests, before the winter holiday starts on 12 Dec.

Homeworks for this weekend and schedule for next week.

Kinda happy that I had 2 great meals in the past few days. Many thanks to the great cook Kok Wai and Pei Ki!

Thursday's lunch, omelette, toufu, and 2 types of chicken dishes.
When it comes to the tastebud of a Malaysian you can never go wrong with the sour and spicy formula!

It's been awhile since I had a piece of roasted meat cooked in Malaysian Chinese style, and fortunately I had this luck to had one for dinner yesterday night, all thanks to Kok Wai again hahah.
He received a bottle of char siew sauce sent from Malaysia, so he invited us to go over to his place and cook for us. :D

View from his room's window. Typical confined Japanese neighbourhood but with a touch of autumn's red leaves.

The main dish of the day, char siew! (叉烧) Glorious roasted pork!

Although I usually prefer siew yoke (烧肉) than char siew, but I dare to say that this is the best char siew I ever had in my life lol!

In return I treated the folks salmon sashimi (~330 yen for a big slice).

Pei Ki with the salmon sashimi "rose".

We left around 10pm, and took a different route back to our hostel. We headed towards Tabata (田端) and Ogu's (尾久) direction.
It was surprising to cruise around the night streets of Tokyo when all shops are closed down (except for convenience stores), with all the street lamps on and kinda surreal-looking residential buildings. Somehow I kinda like this kind of place heh.

Overlooking the Tabata station (田端駅), rather quiet at night but I guess it's bustling with activities during the day.

For this weekend am going nowhere, stay in to rush for the homeworks and do revision.

Lately, there seems to be something bugging me, having funny thoughts and guesses running in my mind from time to time. Kinda disturbing but thankfully I've managed to work things out.
Sometimes opportunities may look promising, but if you didn't get to hold it firmly, there're risk of having it slip away.
There're things in life where one couldn't control the outcome of it. The presense of physically or mentally.


P/S: All the pics are taken with my mobile phone (Softbank 921P).


  1. Errr, what's the difference between char siew and siew yoke?

  2. hmm..... how to describe leh...

    siew yoke:

    char siew:

  3. Sio bak and char sio.
    Understood lioa.
    Personally, I prefer both haha!

    Maybe char siew slightly more xD

  4. hahah difference between cantonese and hokkien, but both roughly sounded the same.

    if we could bring in the char sio and sio bak here, surely will make alot of money lol.

  5. For sure we would!
    But I should have paid attention to the kanji, because the meaning is quite obvious from there >.<