23 November 2009

5 years into blogging

Hahah kinda unbelievable that this blog had been up for half a decade already, oh my. Surely, I didn’t expected that I would be able to keep on blogging for years after years, ever since I started it during my secondary school years.

This blog meant a lot to me, a private space where I can share my findings and experiences with the public. The blog grew up together with me…

From a Chong Hwa schoolboy,
CLF resting after on duty.

TARC college dude,
Me and Miau Lik

....and now on the way to become a university student.

I shared a lot of things happening around me on this blog, like from the school functions & events, college lectures & experiments, and now my discoveries in the land of the rising sun. Perhaps it would continue the legacy, to keep on recording my life towards my dream career, audio engineer?

Lately I’ve been blogging less frequent than usual. Usually I would blog with pics like outings or events, so when there’s nothing happening this blog would be on hiatus. At times I would thought of blogging bout things in my mind, which would transcribe into long words blog post, but that seldom happen unless I had the mood to recollect the bits of information from the brain and put it on the blog.

Perhaps I should resume such writing soon? As I had a lot of things running in my mind, thoughts that I would like to share with you all. Unlike my peers, I love to think of serious & practical matters. For instance, catching up news and events happening around in Tokyo by subscribing blog feeds or following Twitter, while friends would just spend their free time streaming dramas online through PPS. I just simply like to feed myself with lots of information.

Japan’s a land of promises, it’s a great stage for me to fulfil my dreams of working together with the great musicians, one of the many reasons why I chose to study in Japan initially. I can choose the easier and cheaper route by studying in KL, but I took this much rougher and yet excited route. Choices had been made, so there’s no turning back and no regrets.

It’s not an easy route, but it’s been a great pleasure that I’ve met lots of great friends whom somehow helped and taught my valuable lessons in life, I truly appreciate it! Thank you! Terima kasih! 谢谢!ありがとうございます! :D

Looking forward to blog about this blog’s 6th anniversary next year, heh. By that time things would be very different than now. :)


  1. hahah thanks WC! :)
    ur contribution wont be forgotten~

  2. 5 years~!

    wow i have been watching this blog since 2005 i think...


    from El Salvador C America

    ~ Zephyr80

  3. hey mate thanks alot for the support of all these years! appreciate it! :D