21 November 2009

Another Trip to Ginza

Heh, seems like I'm kinda addicted to walk around Ginza, kinda surprising that ever since the first time I went there last month, I've been "coming back" quite frequently.

The last trip was a spontaneous one, had the urge to get a jacket from Uniqlo and eventually bought this.


Today I'm not alone as I'm tagged along by hostelmate Jia Yi, whom I promised to bring him to walk around Tokyo since he haven't been there before.

I guess why I keep revisiting areas around Ginza is because the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line station is quite near our hostel. Train fare is reasonable and it takes me directly to the centre of Ginza within 30 mins.

We get off at the Nijyuubashi station (二重橋駅) which brought us close to one of the tourist spot in Tokyo, the Imperial Palace (皇居).

Well since because it's a tourist spot, the best photo spot is usually occupied...

Tried to take from different angle, not bad.


I think these are some of the best shots of the day. Great reflection!

Great pic comparing the traditional Japanese building VS modern commercial skyscrapers.

Taking a stroll to nearby park. Although it's autumn now but not all the trees turned red yet.

Rainbow over the fountain!

Pillar fountain.

Moving on, spotted some nice yellow trees, interchanging from green to red leaves.

The weather was great! Sunny and yet breezy, perfect to take a nap under the tree shades.

Red leaves spotted yay!

Cool statue of Kusunoki Masashige (楠正成).

Both me and Jia Yi walked for awhile into the commercial district of Ginza, including the Sony Building (which I visit almost everytime heh).

We decided to took a stroll towards the side alleys from the main Ginza avenue, and to our surprise we came across this South Indian cuisine restaurant, Khyber.

Being a Malaysian, Indian cuisine somewhat played a large role in the food culture, especially the influence of mamak addict. The naan, tandoori, curry... etc, bring us closer to the cheap dining back in Malaysia heh.

Both of us ordered the set lunch which cost 1,800 yen. A little pricey but the taste was great!

The naan, basmati rice, 3 curries (chicken, mutton, vege) and some pickled spices in the middle.

Tandoori prawn X2, tandoori chicken pieces X2, lamb kebab. Comes with green chili sauce.
Although portion is small but tasted...... d(^_^)b Double thumbs up!

My drink for the meal, lassi (yogurt-like). Tasted superbly nice! Next time gonna order this when I'm back in mamak land!! :D

Carving for more tandoori stuff, we shared this grilled scallops. I was surprised by the size of the scallop, and it goes real well with the sweet and spicy sauce!

Interior of the restaurant. Still have a lot to improve to take interior shots heh.

Old school basin and mirror!

We've spent 2,200 yen each on the meal. It was great but both of us agreed that it would be better if it's even more spicy! Too bad the Japaneses' tastebud are not used to flaming spicy which us Malaysians love heh.

Passed through Matsuya Ginza, a department store. Spotted this delicious-looking dessert but the price and queue turned us away.

Special edition Lamborghini Gallardo based on Blancpain watch.

Christmas tree outside Sony Building.

Complementary shots of Sony Building. They change their themes quite frequent.

Here's a shot from previous trip.

Pics are done for now. We actually went to look around department stores. Jia Yi's the big winner today, bought the Dissidia Final Fantasy PSP game and 2 apparel from Uniqlo as well. As for me, heh I spent everything on food! Roaring appetite....

That's all for today, exhausted after walking for almost the entire day. Today's weather has been extremely good, sunny weather and breezy.... love the perfect 16'C!!

Will be looking forward to explore more of Tokyo. Maybe would be going to Tokyo Tower next time? :D

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