11 November 2009

Busiest Moment, Now

Sorry for lack of updates here, but currently is the busiest time I had so far.

This month I had 2 major events coming up, one which thankfully is over on last Sunday (8 Nov). The other event, will be happening on this Saturday (14 Nov).

First up, I just took the EJU (Exam for Japanese University admission for international students, 日本留学試験). Location was at Tokyo University's (Asia's Top #1 university so far) Komaba campus (東京大学駒場キャンパス).

The signature clock-tower found in both Tokyo University Komaba & Hongo campus.

Inside the classroom waiting for the exam to start. Kinda surprised that even Tokyo University still stick with the old school blackboard and chalk!

To cut things short, the exam went quite OK for me. I've managed to finish up all the questions, including the essay. Nothing much to shout about, the result would be send by post on Dec 15. 'til then....

It was close to dinner time when I left the university. Decided to reward myself with a hearty dinner at Mark City, Shibuya.


My favourite dish, sashimi! 大好きな刺身!

いくらですか?えっと、値段を問わないでください。 :P

With the EJU done, now I left the university's entrance exam, which I had an advantage to kick-start with.

Yesterday received a news from the school's office informing that I will be taking the entrance exam as a recommended student by the school, so I'm likely to be accepted by the university even though I haven't took the exam yet. *yeah!*

But anyhow, there're still things which I still need to work hard til the very end. Currently am practising the interview part, which is the crucial part as it'll be 1 against a few lecturers/officers/staffs session, said to last around 10 mins.

'til then, wait for my good news soon! :D
楽しいけど、最後まで頑張り続けよう! :D

Random: First tree that turns red, just behind my hostel.

Self reminder: update the due-post bout Tokyo Motorshow 2009 after Sat!


  1. Just sharing my experience as a suisen student.
    Always expect the unexpected.
    All the best to you!

  2. hahah thanks mate.
    "expect the unexpected" eh, will keep that in mind.

  3. Hi !! I am going to study in tokyo for the EJU, too. Can u give me advice ?
    How was the exam, at the end ? Also, did u get to enter university ? I am so worried....cause I am bringing into play a lot.... so i am scared.
    Where are u from? ^^

    1. Hi Sara,

      Eventually I get into the university.
      Sounds like you're planning to study in Japan as well hmm? Well, personally I think that JLPT's exam is slightly easier compared to EJU.
      Good luck!