14 November 2009

University Entrance Exam

A little update on one of the highlights ever since I came here to Japan.... the day I took the university's entrance exam.

There'll be on pics in this post as I didn't took any pictures eventhough I brought the camera along. Bad weather, it was rainy & cloudy....

For the past month, I've been preparing for both EJU and this university entrance exam.

As for preparing for the university entrance, first I have to deal with the application process which requires preparing documents and paying up the exam fees. It seems to be simple but surely it took some time to get everything done.

I passed up the application personally to the university 2 weeks ago, and today I went to the university again but with a different kind of feeling.

Noticed for my faculty 芸術情報学部情報表現学科 (rough translation: Department of Arts & Informations, Informations Representation Faculty), there are 16 foreign students taking the exam. While mostly are Chinese (Mainland), spotted 2 fellow Malaysians, a Malay girl and another Chinese girl. Didn't had the chance to talk to them as we're seated quite far apart.

The university exam itself is pretty straight forward.

1000 ~ 1100, paper-based test which asked about general knowledge, simple Japanese and a little Maths. The paper was much easier than previous years as they're answers to choose from instead of thinking it out by myself.

1115, the interview begins. Each candidate was being interviewed by 2 examiners for about 15 mins. I was the 2nd candidate to be interviewed. It's natural that I felt nervous bout it.

For my case, there's a younger and an elder examiner? As opposed from norm, the stricter one was the younger while the elder seems to be much friendlier.

I didn't started well when I was being thrown the first question, "Why you chose to study in this university?". Haven't really *click* into the mood so I only answered 50% from what I've memorized. Bloody nervous hahah.

Anyway, later on I'm able to speak smoother, not as tensed as the initial start. I'm glad that I'm able to answer every of the questions thrown to me later on, just hope for the best heh....
The result will be announced via mail express delivery on this coming Wednesday.

Left the interview "chamber" around 1145 and took the school bus at 1205 to the train station. Mission accomplished! :D

I'm glad that to have this burden finally ease off a little, now that I can really enjoy the coming schooldays, concentrate more on studies. Yeah~

Coming up next, JLPT level 2 test, tentative on 6th Dec. Now we're trying out the JLPT's questions. I'm surprised that JLPT's questions are much easier compared to EJU's, especially the listening part.

'til then.... gonna rest well, and then continue on my life!! :)

P/S: Actually I've forgotten to write a special post bout this blog, which is 5 years old now hahah!! Time flies~~


  1. Wow, I wanna go Japan to study too. Btw, happy 5 years blogging anniversary!

  2. hey thanks there!
    surely, if u've the passion u can make it here! :)