01 November 2009

Passing Up University Application

It's been awhile since I last update this blog with things happening around, and how funnily I had 3 major updates to write on things happening in the span of 2 days! As usual, it'll be accompanied with lots of pics, especially the 3rd post!

This post would be the starter for all~ :)

I've been busy lately not just because of my school lessons, but also settling my university's application.
Thankfully I had all the documentations finalised by Thursday, so I can proceed with the plan of submitting the document to the university personally.

So when I finished my class around 2:30pm rushed to the train station as the journey to the university takes slightly more than an hour and I've no time to lose. I did it the Japanese way by running all the way to the station lol.

Ticket cost 130 yen (Sugamo 巣鴨 - Ikebukuro 池袋) + 540 yen (Ikebukuro 池袋 - Kawagoe 川越), which made up 670 yen on single trip.

I didn't went to the university campus at Kami-Fukuoka (上福岡), instead this time I went to the university's main campus in Kawagoe to pass up the application.

As expected, reached the Kawagoe station after almost an hour of getting on the train. It's a norm for the Japanese to travel on train for an hour or so.

Waiting for the university's bus at the bus stand.

Good weather!

The bus took a spin and reached the university campus around 4pm. It was my first time set foot in the Kawagoe campus.
Not surprisingly, the large university compound is actually surrounded by paddy fields!
That's what I like about Saitama-ken, suburban settings with the mix of modern structures and the touch of nature.

Didn't took much pic when I reached there, as I straight away headed to the International Exchange Centre where they handle the applications.
I was a little late as they're someone else ahead of me submitting their applications as well. Judging from their speaking, one of them is a Korean and another is a Hong Kong Chinese.

Was glad that my application went smoothly, no problem at all. It was a relief as I've been working it for the past few weeks. Anyway, that's just the 1st stage, as I've a few more stages to work on before I can relax my mind over the university stuffs.

Few pics from the campus, a little dark as the sun's setting.

The main building near the entrance, shaped as a gate.

2 important building blocks I presume, but dunno what is it.

Sports hall?

Lecture block?

Cafeteria I guess, as pointed on the directory.

The campus buildings from the bus stand.

I guess you can pretty much guessed how huge the university compound is, judging from the pics. Anyway, I'm not gonna studying in this campus, but the other campus in Kami-Fukuoka which is much smaller lol....

The school bus.

Gonna rush back to school to meet with friends as we're going for dinner together (will post bout the dinner on next post).

A notice warning the passengers not to run & catch the train when the door's closing.
If you've noticed, it comes with English, Chinese & Korean text as well, though with much simpler message.

At the station waiting for the train. Luckily the coming train is a rapid-express which will go all the way to the last station at Ikebukuro. Saved up lots of traveling time too.

I've managed made it in time, reaching the school by 6:10pm while we're supposed to meet at 6:15pm.

So what's all about the dinner thingy? It's actually a simple birthday party for a friend and to hangout with friends out of the school, enjoying the Friday night heh.
More details bout the dinner on next post! :)


  1. Which univ are you going?
    The architecture looks very modern :)