06 October 2009

Quick Photo Update

Sorry, it's been awhile since I last update this blog. Been busy with classes lately, and didn't really went to anywhere besides school & hostel.

Lately it's been raining for the past few days, heard a typhoon's getting closer, and Thursday will have a windstorm. Hopefully by the weekend the storm will resides and return with the autumn sunshine~ (which is rather weak).

OK pics now....

Was quite hungry the other day, headed to the local 7-11 to grab some futomaki sushi... cost 270 yen.

Teriyaki sausage onigiri on the left, Salmon sushi on the right.

Kakashi keychains. The current and the teenage versions.

Free eggyolk during 5pm++. Sunset~

First time trying to fry yakisoba. Turn out to be not bad!

Bought some tempuras from local supermarket to 加料! 

One of the best drink on Earth!! MILO!!! :D

Actually the beginning of this month marks the 6th months I've staying here in Tokyo. Should be writing a more in-depth post bout that this weekend, as next Monday is a public holiday.

'til then.

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