07 October 2009

Pre Typhoon Melor

Hi folks, tomorrow typhoon is gonna struck Tokyo in the morning so things might turn out to be quite messy. Ah well, the "schedule" clashed with my usual commuting hours.

According to the weather forecast, Typhoon Melor (or 台風18号 the Japanese call it) will reach Kanto region (where Tokyo is located) around 9am local time tomorrow (Oct 8).
I've marked the red X on the map, relative to where I am right now.

Anyway, will be taking train to school tomorrow because I heard riding bicycle there seems to be a crazy idea, as wind speed can achieve up to 100km/h or even more, which is quite scary.

On the good side, it seems that the weather will be recovering in the afternoon, and by night it should be over.
The weather forecast for the next few days stated cloudy or sunny, which is way better than the gale & torrential rain brought by the typhoon.

Will update more when I come back from school tomorrow. Unlikely to take any pic as I don't plan to bring my camera, but maybe with my phone camera.

'til then, take care people, and I'll be taking care of myself too lol.

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