10 October 2009

The Day When Typhoon Struck

I woke up around 0730, before the alarm rang on Thursday morning, the fateful day when the Typhoon Melor struck. Was excited and nervous at the same time, peeked out from the closed window how is things going on out there. Surprisingly, it was quite sunny and a little breeze.

Took this video showing the little drizzle and unpredictable wind. Wasn't sure what kind of weather it'll turn out to be.... Was avoiding the rain splashes heh.

Took my morning shower, noticed it the weather is warmer than the past few days. Since I dunno what will going to happen with the situation outside, decided to took the train at 8am.

The Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line was running as usual but more packed. Am lucky managed to squeeze into it. When I reached Nishi-Nippori station, noticed there're crowds building up on the 1st and 2nd floor of the station. Read the notice only realised that the JR Yamanote line was delayed due to the typhoon, so left many people stranded in the station.

This roughly how how it looks like in the station. Pic credit: Joseph Tame.

I do not plan to wait for the train so decided to walk/run to school as I dislike being late for class.

Received this complimentary ticket for the JR Yamanote line, along with the normal ticket I bought which would brought me to school.

Took from the pedestrian bridge, as you can see the people are jamming up the platform.

It was quite fun to walk + run along the strong wind. Gonna pause for awhile when the wind blows against my direction, and run as fast as I can when it blows from the back, following the path of wind~

Took the usual route I cycle to school, and surprisingly I reached the school by 0845! (class starts at 0910).

Everything seems to be totally opposite from what we expect, terrible weather with strong gust and heavy downpour but no!! It was breezy and sunny!!

You can see how clear the sky is!

Class starts as usual and the our teacher wasn't late either, she barely made it around 9am heh! Well some of the classmates have not turn out due to stuck in the train station or so. Heard that although the weather is extremely good but the strong wind caused many train lines to a standstill.

The weather, can be described as early summer's day, sunny but not too hot, blue sky with a little clouds....
Took this video from my classroom's window. Damn good weather again!

The fallen bicycles. Should I cycled to school that day, mine would be a victim like one of these as well, because of the domino's effect, when one falls, the rest follows.

Taken from Green Court, a complex near the school. The balding tree reminds that currently is actually in early autumn.

The breezy weather is too good to sleep, hard to resist the sleep temptation! :P

On the way walking to the train station. Sunshine wood around 1615.

At the Komagome train station platform, waiting for the JR Yamanote line.

Funny English. View the larger pic here.

Poor tree, getting bald faster thanks to the strong wind and rain. It was the same tree I took from this pic during Spring.

Serene Arakawa neighbourhood.

Collecting egg yolk again, erm I mean sunset.... hahah...

Self-portrait to "commemorate" such meaningful day lol!

Well I wouldn't say that I'm disappointed I didn't get to experience real typhoon, but am thankful that things turned out to be fine. I've watched the news on the destruction the Typhoon Melor caused in the West Japan. Looks horrible with all the high waves and uprooted trees. Am glad that everything's fine here. :)

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