30 September 2009

Earthquake Struck KL?

Sometime around 8:15pm (Japan time) I noticed the Twitter was flooded by tweets about earthquake tremor in KL. After a few moments of refreshes, the whole Twitter page is filled with people tweeting bout updates of the quake.

One of the most popular retweeted post is this picture taken at Raja Chulan Monorail station in the center of KL, showing people gathering under the station after the tremor.


Well in case you haven't notice, or feel it, an earthquake (magnitude of 7.9) struck near to the island of Sumatra in Indonesia this evening.

Seems like most part of the Klang Valley felt the tremor, things were shaking. Besides, there're tsunami warnings calling people to stay away from the coastline, especially those in Port Dickson and Penang.

For more info & updates about the earthquake one can refer here:
The Star
US Geological Survey
Tsunami warning

Hopefully everyone will be safe there, do take care as earthquake is not something funny at all. Malaysians had limited knowledge to handle it when it really happens.....

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