28 September 2009

True Love Is Hard To Find

The following essay is written by my cousin Yong Qun, which he had recently won in an essay-writing competition.


True Love Is Hard to Find (by Lai Yong Qun)

What is love? It is like the flowers blossoming in spring, like the birds singing beautiful melodies, brightening the whole world? Or is it like winter, where everything is blankted by pure white snow, so innocent-looking but hidden with traps all around. One wrong step and everything you have, the thing you have shared will be gone in the blink of an eye.

Love is wonderful yet dangerous, adrenaline pumping yet boring at times. There are not many people in this world that can live without love, yet true love is the hardest thing in the world to find. True love is an unspoken connection between two people, knowing what they like and hate, understanding them, standing by their sides with unwavering commitment, going through thick or thin with them and feeling that you can't live without them.

Love is not just saying "I Love You" to someone, it is actually meaning what you say. If true love means getting married, why are there still divorces happening? True love is forever, an eternal commitment. Divorce cases happen because the people involved do not share this beautiful, sacred love. But when you see old people out there, holding their partners' hands when they cross the road, you can actually feel their affections for each other, their life-long commitment.

Young people nowadays make rash decisions and never think about their actions and the following consequences of their actions. Some may get married because they are pregnant, not because of love. After giving birth to the baby, their love may begin to fade away, leaving an innocent little baby with no father or mother.

True love is hard to find, yet it is hard to keep. The classic love story written by Shakespeare between Romeo and Juliet is a perfect example. Their love ended tragically as they both died at the end of the story. Their love was forbidden by their parents as they are from different classes in the society. Many people still cry when they read this story of forbidden love.

Yet it is not impossible to find true love. It appears at the place we least expect, taking us by storm, leaving us breathless and wanting more. Some people admit that they have met their lifelong love by mistake, but ended up falling for each other. The story of Cinderella and her prince is one of the example of everlasting love.

A mother's love for her child is also true love. It is so pure, so unconditional that the mother will do everything to save her child in the face of danger. The motherly affection for the child will not change, even when the child has grown up and got married. The child will forever be the baby that she helps to change diapers and feed, the reason she had many sleepless nights worrying about. Yet she will never complain, hate, or even abandon the child as it is part of her.

Love appears in many forms. True love is universal and transcends nationalities, age, time and sex. Though love is hard to find, don't be afraid to fall in love. One should never give up in the quest for true love!


I am amazed a 15 years old can produce such quality essay! Kudos and congrats to Yong Qun! His sis Xiao Shan produces some great essays as well, which helped her to get into one of the top universities in US, University of Pennsylvania.
I think Yong Qun should be starting his blog someday lol....

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