26 September 2009

Hamazushi, 2nd visit

Yesterday was being called up for a spontaneous idea to had sushi dinner again at the same place, Hamazushi. Since the restaurant is near the school so decided to stay up til dinner's time.

After the class discussed things about university with my teacher, and then played ping pong with friends til 6:30pm when we headed to the restaurant.

Having dining in here once, I somewhat knew which dishes I should be eating this time.
Since I didn't bring my camera along with me so all the pics are taken with my handphone, not bad I must say.

かつおたたき (Katsuo, Skipjack Tuna). Previously I didn't get to taste this as it's out of stock. One of my favourite tuna sushi as well, tasted great!

Oh this is the must-order top class tuna (maguro)! It melts in your mouth!

Erm, sorry but no pics of sushi from this onwards as I'm too busy consuming the fish dishes lol... plates by plates.

Well this time I think I've tried all the single salmon & tuna sushi except the ordinary ones (plain salmon & tuna). Tried sea urchin (uni) but dislike it, left an unpleasant after taste in the mouth for awhile. :S

The main purpose of this dinner is actually to have some out-of-school chit chat with friends, as we seldom hang outs after school.
Since there's no time limit we can sit there for as long as we want, eating sushi, chatting and taking a sip of the complementary green tea. That's the way we "yam cha" in Japan!

Hah it's nice that a few friends started to chat and crazily build up the story where we would be going to hunt for nice food when we're back in Malaysia. From Kajang satay, to Klang's bak kut teh and til Melaka's famous cendol.... Yumm!!

My total damage, 15 plates of sushi, which cost JPY 1,575 (JPY 105 per plate).

Gonna pause my sushi-eating frenzy for awhile after having this round....


  1. I like sushi, tuna is also my favorite, but I do like those in Japan, they are really fresh and delicious. I had never acquired the taste of sushi and taste of eating raw fish until I get to Tokyo to try it. It is a super delicious experience.

  2. hahah, this one i went was consider quite cheap as everything is just 105 yen (~RM 4) per plate, including those top class ones which would cost more in M'sia.
    anyway, it's natural that I love Malaysian food such as nasi lemak or mee goreng lol.