04 August 2009

KL Update #1

Phew..... Tuesday's almost done. Did quite a lot of things these 2 days, am impressed with the result lol.

Continuation from Sunday night, I was asked by my mom to get a haircut ASAP at the nearest barber shop. Haircut is one of the task in the "to do list", the last time I had a haircut was end of March, so you can imagine how long is it. (-__-")

Monday morning, woke up around 10am+. Headed to JPJ to renew my driving license, from Probation to Competence.
It cost RM 150 for 5 years. 50% off from what my friends told me, RM 300 for 5 years.
It was a quick process. I think I spent less than 10 mins inside there, waiting for my number to be called was fast. It was efficient!

Later in the afternoon visited my father in the ward with mother. Father did operations last week as continuation from the previous ops. He's in good spirits, gonna be discharging soon. Had a lunch of chicken rice with family there. Simply love chicken rice!! :D

Back from hospital, headed to 4 Seasons to meet up with Siew Hui.

Had a long chat and we've actually been talking for almost 4 hours! O_o

After that headed home. Rest awhile and sorted out some stuffs. Didn't go anywhere after that.
Basically that ends for Monday.

Tuesday, which is today. Woke up quite late around 11am. Was awaken by mother's phone call.

Called to the secondary school's office to ask about translating the SPM cert into English. Good news is that the teacher in charge of it is someone I knew so that'll make things work out much easier.

Reached the school around 12:45pm. The teacher in charge wasn't around so walk around the school compound to do sight-seeing.

School's activity hall from 3rd floor. Same old scene from year to year.

Had a chat with Mdm. Chek, glad she still remembers me hahah. Now she's one of the school's admin, she was just a head of subject back then when she taught me. Nice to be able to catch up with her, which she informs me bout expanding the school in the future. Big plan it is huh.

Surfed the net awhile using the computer in the admin room while Mdm Chew Cheah's back from meeting. Gonna thank her for helping me with it! Will be collecting the sample by this Friday.

Bought my favourite lunch! Roast chicken drumstick + roast pork! 烧鸡腿+烧肉!

Drove by a few new landmarks nearby.

Rampai Business Park.

Wangsa Walk. Opening soon by end of this month?

Near evening, thought of having a round of yamcha with Kok Yi but who knows that poor fella had stomach upset so cancelled. I took a short nap and headed out to hospital again to visit father.
He's doing fine, gonna be discharging tomorrow.

So far the plan is such that tomorrow after discharging from the hospital, the family going to have lunch and then see some houses at Kinrara.

This coming days hopefully can settle more things, and to have more time to meet with friends or so. Limited time I had, if I want to enjoy it again, gonna wait til next year when I'm back. :S


  1. "asked by my mom to get a haircut ASAP"

    hahahahahaaa, must have gotten an earful from yr mom....

    u shld hv told her - hey mom, I got "wings" oredi... I hv flown from the coop... heheheheeee....