03 August 2009

Somewhere I Belong

Sorry for lack of informing to many people, but for now I'm blogging out of Tokyo. At somewhere I belongs, you should know where is it eh. :)


I did not announce it to many people as I just came back for a week. It's not that long but I've things to settle so it's worth to be coming back here for a short break. Gonna restock some stuffs and settle some documentations.

Hmm.... the journey started kinda early today. Woke up slightly before 8:30am this morning before the alarm rangs. Settled myself preparing things, then walked out from the hostel around 9am.

From Machiya station (町屋) travel to Nippori(日暮里) station. While I went to Ueno Zoo the other day I've bought the Keisei Skyliner ticket at Ueno station.

The Skyliner ticket, typical Japanese train ticket.

My Skyliner train arrives at 10:05am sharp. It took about an hour from Nippori station to Narita airport 2nd terminal. The seat is assigned, kinda spacious but dull lol.... nothing much to talk about as the ~1 hour ride passed by some residential areas and vast paddy fields.

At the airport check-in counter it was kinda crowded, with many people checking in for the KL-bound flight. It was a code-sharing flight with ANA so there's more passengers.

Boarding pass.

Everything went quite smoothly, except that the strict liquid rules forced me to finish off a bottle of 500ml green tea, mineral water and a can of coffee. My hair gel was confisticated as well, oh well but am going to get a new one here. Part of my shopping list lol.

Boarded the MAS plane MH 71 around 1:15pm. Departed at 1:45pm. Distance from Tokyo Narito to KLIA is 5,810km. Total travel time is about 7 hours.

So what am I doing on the flight for 7 hours? Did some of the summer homeworks. Managed to finish off the essay, then lunch is served. I had some seafood stuffs. Not bad, a mix of western and Japanese food. Pic of the lunch will be posted later on, haven't process from camera.

Here's the lunch on board. Tasted not bad but I would appreciate if there's more salad or vege in it....

Listened to some songs via the faithful Walkman player. Absolutely love the noise-cancelling function though the earphone is kinda worn out now, gonna get a replacement if possible.

Was kinda dizzy for a moment due to the air turbulence so stopped doing the homework. Put on the eye-shade, enable noise-cancelling and plays Jim Brickman's songs. Bomb, off I go into the brief dreamland.

It's hard to sleep on the plane, no matter how tired you are. Reclined seat may be a little comfortable but still hardly beats a proper bed. Can't be helped, this is what you get for Economic class.

Played some in-flight games as the movies doesn't appeal me. Had games of Pong and Bejewled. Need something to keep myself occupied or I'll get bored.

Getting closer to home.

The plane reaches KLIA at 7:40pm Malaysian Time. It was 8:40pm in Tokyo's time. No problems going through the immigration etc. The health survey check was nothing much but handing over the form and pass-by so called temperature check.

Luggage rolled out pretty quickly, good that I only had a check-in luggage this time.

Took ERL from KLIA to KL Sentral, around half an hour. ERL was a little better than the Skyliner in Tokyo but the seats could be improved. Skyliner's seats were much spacious.

ERL's ticket.

Later switched to the LRT Putra line back to Wangsa Maju station. The usual 30 mins.

Took a taxi back home. Fare was slightly more expensive than usual. Heard that recently the fair hiked, oh well. But anyway it's still much cheaper than in Tokyo!
By the time I'm home, it's 9:30pm (Malaysian time).

So briefly calculate the total cost.....
Machiya - Nippori via Keisei line. 150 yen (~MYR 5.60).
Nippori - Narita Airport Terminal 2 via Keisei Skyliner. 1,920 yen (MYR 71.50).
Narita Airport - KLIA via MAS *one way*. 22,735 yen (~MYR 846).
KLIA - KL Sentral via ERL. MYR 35.
KL Sentral - Wangsa Maju via LRT Putra. MYR 2.30

Total cost in MYR: 960.40!!

Not really cheap but considering I can get from start to end all by public transports, it was good enough. Malaysia's public transport still acceptable, I mean it won't lose that much to the Japanese counterparts, though I must say that I'm very impressed by the Japanese railways.

Well then, almost time to rest now. Tomorrow's gonna be getting busy with stuffs, no time to slack off!

P/S: The trip coming back this time is quite meaningful, really happy and glad that finally I'm back home! Though just for a brief moment but it feels good! :D


  1. haha, ear phone worn out again, hahaha!

  2. just dun forget to get a bigger capacity SD card....

  3. Emily:
    hahah it cant be helped, heavy user here. :P

    hey man thanks for reminding! :D