07 August 2009

KL Update #2

Right.... continue to write from Tuesday night’s post.

Wednesday morning headed to hospital to fetch parents up from the hospital. Later went to Tai Thong for a round of dim sum lunch. Good quality dim sums with 50% off, what can you ask for more? :)

Dim sum

Bought a box of mooncakes, rather early but planned to bring back to Japan to share with friends over there. 20% off for this as well, hahah!
Moon cake

Rested at home awhile after the lunch. Went to bank with parents to settle some business then headed to Carrefour to get supplies that I wanted. Good that managed to get most things at one shot.
Bumped into Siew Hui with her sis Siew Lee and friend Yau Wai there, coincidence eh.

Last but not least, hail to the king, baby! :D

Wednesday evening, went to Delicious with Siew Hui and Siew Lee. Was being recommended to this fine dining place.
Funnily, there's 2 branches of Delicious around but we ended up at the Jln Pinang branch instead of the intended Jln Tun Razak branch.

The hanging bird cages.

Our food.


The great acompanies.

We had great time talking and chilling out there. Having great time with friends at such place, sheer enjoyment! :)

End of Wednesday.

Thursday, been out to Pavilion with Mich again for Harry Potter movie. Since both of us felt like shopping so Pavilion is one of the best choice around. Gonna thank her for showing me the shortcut connecting Pavilion from KLCC! :)

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince movie, was OK but like precious Harry Potter movies, skipped lots of the plots and juicy details from the book so make it kinda dull for some.
For those who're read the book they might be able to follow the sudden change of storyline, but for the others who know the stories by the movie, they'll be confused with many things.

Then again, watching Harry Potter movie supplements the lack of graphical elements found in the book, as we can only imagine how the situation looks like while reading the book.

Had our after-movie snack at Godiva, the famous chocolatier from Belgium.

Hot Chili Chocolate and Cold Dark Mint Chocolate.
Feels good to drink a cup of hot, sweet and spicy chocolate after coming out from the cinema! :D


At Pavilion I've bought a spare battery for my camera, and also a 4GB SDHC card (faster than standard SD card). Thanks Mich for it! :)

Back home sometime around 8:15pm to had dinner with parents. Later relatives visited briefly to solve some computer stuffs.

That's for the end of Thursday huh. As for Friday and days after that, will continue later on. :)

Have a great time people!


  1. pretty chicks. the taithong bag reminds me of the one i gave mrs smee last year~

  2. hah... the "phoenix claw" awaits you. :P
    btw I've bought MLTR greatest hits album, next time when you back you can get it. left it at father's CD rack.