12 July 2009

Testing Apple Safari

Currently writing this post via Apple's Safari browser for Windows. Wanted to try out a browser from Apple after trying out Firefox, Chrome and IE (worst).

I try to play around with browsers to see which fits my usage well. So far I've find balanced in both Firefox and Chrome while once in awhile I would boot up IE if the particular site isn't accessible via Firefox and Chrome.
Each browsers are being used specifically for different purposes. Say, one for Facebooking, another for blogging while the other one for casual net surfing.

So some pics comparison, how the 3 browsers look on my iGoogle page.

iGoogle on Mozilla Firefox

iGoogle on Google Chrome

iGoogle on Safari

Noticed how similar Safari and Chrome looks eh? I was kinda surprise with it as well.

Comparing the memory usage, it's kinda surprise that Safari actually eats up more memory than Firefox, which I noted is a heavyweight browser.
memory usage

I didn't take notice on how fast the browsers load, due to the unstable network I had over here. It's hard to get a fair comparison but both Safari and Chrome loaded slightly faster than Firefox.

Few years ago I've actually tried the initial version of Safari for Windows but it doesn't worked out nicely so I've completely forgotten about it when I came across it again today while browsing Apple's website.

A rather different experience in browsing, which I kinda like it. A good method to have a taste what's Apple programs run like. I've tried iTunes but didn't really like it somehow. For media playback I would still stick with Windows Media Player.

Somehow I didn't install Opera because from my previous experience I find it kinda odd, different than those of Firefox or Chrome.

Final verdict, I would liken Safari to a combination of Chrome and Firefox. It's quite easy to get used to it, because the settings and preferences are similar to those 2 browsers mentioned. From now on I'll be playing around with the 3 browsers at the same time. :D

Apple's Safari is certainly a browser to look after if you're already sick of the few choices lying around. More info here.

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