13 July 2009

Haru yo Koi~

Last night when I randomly surf through Youtube I found this song which reminds me of certain moments in life not so long ago.

This song, 春よ、来い "Haru yo, Koi", litterally means "spring, comes". It's sang by Matsutoya Yumi (松任谷由実), in year 1994. 15 years since then huh....

The original MV.

I posted the song up last year December when I first discovered this song. I still remember a friend shared this song through mobile's bluetooth.

This song meant a lot to me. It reminds me of the life in the last few months while I'm still in KL studying the Japanese language. How fast it can be, then half a year later I'm here in Tokyo huh....

This is a beautiful song, an adjective I rarely use to describe a song. It's such a miracle, a special rhythm and melody that only can be found in certain Japanese songs.

You know, sometimes we may enjoy foreign songs eventhough we don't understand the language. The emotion embedded in the song itself can easily "clicks" with our feelings.
While listening to the song I was like being teleported back to that moment, the last few months I spent in Malaysia. It's feels like magic.... everything just came back into the mind.
The things I've done, the food I've ate, the streets I've walked, the places I've been, the people I've met.....


Hah, I just enjoyed listening to such quality songs from time to time to spice up some interesting past memories~

Lastly, a live version of the song. Good thing is that this video has [HD] mode so you can enjoy it at better quality~ :D

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