12 July 2009


A brief write ups to update people what I am up to recently.

Apologise for the lack of update in this blog, due to busy commitments I had with studies, homeworks and tests. Seems like there's no ending in this routine huh....

This coming week will be a busy week. The daily evaluative tests, weekly pentagonal 5-chapters accumulative test is coming up, and not to mention the final test for this semester on the 4th week of July.

Besides that, next Friday-Saturday am going out of the town following a school field trip. Will be staying there for a night. I've been chosen to visit the Shiraito Waterfalls (白糸滝), my first choice. From what I've seen on the net, it's a beautiful waterfalls. Currently set this pic as my wallpaper.

For the trip, each class had to perform a 5 mins show out of free topics. My class chose to perform dancing acts which includes Backstreet Boys' "Everybody" and a Malay folksong "Dikir Puteri".

Was quite fun to work with the classmates. One decides the song, one decides the dance movements and one edit and trim the songs (me!), heh.

Yesterday went to school to practise. Was quite satisfied that we can progress to that level in such a short time. Everyone had been cooperative so that's a big bonus for all of us. With a few practises I think we can do it! :D

Some interesting pics to share...

Pepsi Shiso. Tasted like mild mint, doesn't taste like any ordinary Pepsi at all.
Pepsi Shiso

Yaki soba-dog. The Japanese' style of mixing both Western and Eastern food. Yaki soba (Japanese fried noodles) placed in the hot-dog styled bread.

A sample of Clorets Ice chewing gum. Love the chilling menthol!

Vice-principal of the school. A friendly man with sense of humour. Too bad he is not my Maths teacher or I would love to attend the class! (current Maths teacher is boring.... zzz... sucks my energy and spirit away all the time lol)

That's all for the brief update.... Back to the pile of books.....

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