26 June 2009

Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009

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This morning I woke up unusually earlier at 7:15am. As usual I would briefly do a round of online checking mails, blogs and social network sites for any updates or so from previous night.

My attention was caught by a Japanese blog feed which I subscribed few days ago, revealing the shocking news. It was in Japanese so I would have to read slowly and carefully.
Roughly getting some ideas what it's talking about, I went to check BBC news (I'm more used reading it than CNN).

Around 7:45am, BBC says that MJ has fallen ill and taken to the hospital, no confirmation of the demise yet. Unofficial reports had spread on Google News, some US medias already reporting the dead of the star.

By 8am, BBC's site is updated with the official news to put all the doubts aside. He's dead. It's real.

It's said that Michael's dead is caused by cardiac arrest. In layman's term, it's heart attack. His health condition might be a myth, but anyhow he's killed by one of the most common causes of death.

I was born at the time Michael Jackson is reaching the peak of his fame during the late 80s. I knew some of his songs, but didn't really amazed me that would leave a deep impression on me.
MJ is not really an idol whom I followed fervently, but I do like some of his songs nevertheless.

MJ musical style of pop hits, doesn't really attracted me as I'm not into such genre of music. Anyhow, I do enjoy some of his softer songs like "You Are Not Alone" and "Heal The World". Those would probably be the few songs that I can remember of him.

Surely, many of us had at least read or heard of his weird actions through the last few years of his life, which I could remember correctly when he shows his 3rd child from the balcony of the hotel suite in a dangerous manner, which provoked many people at that time.
Later there comes the court lawsuit against him for molesting child, being forced out from his Neverland ranch, and later bankruptcy.
Life is tough for him, regardless of his stardom he achieved decades ago.

Many thought he' a freak, doing some unusual things without logical thinking. I guess that's some serious affect he had from his younger days. There must be some sad and untold stories about Michael Jackson. Although he does not talk about it in detail, but he has given hints on numerous times as reported.

Let me share with you some of MJ's most memorable works which I like.

"Earth Song"

A masterpiece-class music. I first saw the MV many years ago on the TV, and am amazed by both the sound and the visual effects of the MV.
Up until today I'm still amazed that this song talks about environmental issues when it is still not really something important on everyone's agenda at that time (mid 90s I think). A very good song indeed, but too bad not everyone gets the message that the song tried to express.

"You Are Not Alone"

I would credit Sun Hua for reminding me of this song. Back in secondary school from time to time I would heard him humming to this tune. Years later I would remember this song well. Very meaningful, a soft and yet nicely done piece, kinda different than MJ's usual style.

"Heal The World"

Besides "You Are Not Alone" above, another soft and yet powerful song would be this, "Heal The World". I would say this is probably my favourite song of MJ's.
With the message of peace, MJ hopes that his song could somewhat help to stop the war happening around the world, which if not mistaken the war of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the early 90's.
Unfortunately, the message of the song wasn't able to stop all the wars by that time, and it's still continue even until today.

From some of the styles of his music, I can see the pacifist in him. I guess he had witnessed a lot from his life and those happening around the world. He dislike conflicts and violences, thus he tried to use his musical influence to persuade people to stop fighting against each others. Too bad it doesn't' work out well as expected. :(

Michael Jackson lives a controversial and extraordinary life. Now that he can forget all of the troubles, and finally rest peacefully, a good sleep.

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson, the legendary pop musician of our era.

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