23 June 2009

Apple products perhaps?

Recently I've been following the news of Apple products, from their MacBook to the iPod line. For some reasons I'm keen on following those news, subscribed to a few blogs' RSS feeds so that I can stay updated for the latest happenings in the Apple world.

Nice looking Apple setup.

It's not a secret that Apple's Macintosh computers are somewhat superior than the conventional Windows PC. Performance-wise, reliability and security, Mac wins.
The few things that Windows would beat Mac would be the price and the abundance of programs available. Anyway, there're always good Mac alternatives to handle the job of what PC can do. It's not surprising that those programs can outperform their Windows counterparts.

I am attracted to those features as mentioned above. It's not just a commercial gimmick, but the pros are running on Mac, rarely on a PC. Those graphic designers, audio engineers, studio mixers, business representatives etc, are running on Mac.

Thus, I might be getting a MacBook, but definitely not in near future.

MacBook is not cheap, from the Apple Malaysia's online shop, after some tweaking, a satisfying machine would cost me RM 6,150.

Apple Macbook order

The add-on programs cost quite a sum, but I guess if I am to make full use of the machine, those programs will come in handy, especially if I'm traveling here and there frequently.

There are another 2 models in the MacBook family, the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Those would cost more than MacBook and until I can afford another one, a MacBook would be good enough for now.

Besides a Mac, I would also like to have a unit of iPod, preferably iPod Touch.
It's well-known that I'm a music lover, I took the Sony Walkman wherever I move on. I almost getting an iPod Nano at that time but I opt for a Sony Walkman instead.

Although it's said that iPod's sound quality is inferior to Sony Walkman's, but I've yet to judge it both side by side. I had played around with an iPod Nano and I'm impressed with it.

Besides the well-known music playability, the iPod syncs well with MacBook, both can flawlessly integrate the data from each others. Besides music and photos, calendars, contacts and reminders can be synced together on both machines.
Oh and not to mention, those fun and useful apps on the iPod too!

MacBook + iPod would be my current target of next computing gadgets. Aprroximately I would need around RM 9,000 to fulfill this target. Would try to earn the money by myself and get it someday later.

I hope this current Dell Studio 15 can last til I get a Mac eh. :)

Oh and by the way, although the Apple stuffs look cool and stylish, those aren't the main concerns why I would like to get a Mac product. Usability and functionality, is what I ask for.


  1. i love apple computer also~^^ one of the reason is that the machine itself look nice... haha... kidding la...
    Last time uni i learned to use apple computer to do assignments, and it is really suitable for designing etc~ very nice~^^
    However, i don't recommended it to normal users... somehow feel that windows more suitable to them...
    fan san i think u really suit apple since u wish to become an audio engineer~ haha...

  2. haha yea i do think so too. unless the normal users had specific purpose needs to mess with a Mac, else they will settle well with Windows. :)

  3. it is not as secured now.

    bill gates roxxxx!


  4. although is a fact, but Windows will still maintain the majority for many years to come due to it's overwhelming cost compared to Apple's.