21 June 2009

In Search of University

My main purpose of coming here to study for a year is to get into a university that offers course that I wanted to study, which is sound engineering, or related field.

So far the best choice I can get is Shobi University (尚美学園大学). It offers 2 courses which I'm interested in.

The first is Music Media course, and the second is Sound Acoustic course.
There are difference between both courses, and both had things that I wanted to study.

Upon checking the course guidelines, I was wondering which to choose between the 2 courses.

- Music Media offers the subjects related to general music industry, which includes compositions, modern music trends, musical analytics etc.

- Sound Acoustic is a technical course which plays around with recordings, consoles, studios etc.

Initially I thought the sound engineering I want to study consist of both subjects listed above, but now I realised it has been branched out into 2 different courses.

I've consulted my teacher about this matter. She's been kind enough to guide in as much as she cans but ultimately I would have to consult the university representatives for more info.

Next Sunday am going to Ikebukuro for an education fair, which the university also participates. Gonna consult them which course is more suitable for me etc etc.

Then, maybe on the first Sunday of July am going to the university there to look around? The campus is located at Saitama prefecture (埼玉県). I think it would take like 1 hour+ to travel there via train from where I am right now.
For your information, it's located to the north-west of Tokyo, while I'm currently located at the north-eastern of Tokyo.

Ah well, still have some time to think about it, as the application starts on late Oct.

My teacher told me by the progress of the lesson I'm having now I should be able to make it up to the standard for university application. She told me not to worry, and confident that I can get the course I want. :D

Actually I've learn that in KL there are a few places where I can study sound engineering as well. One is pretty close to the place while some are around PJ area.
So the question is, why I'm spending so much to study overseas whereas I can study it locally?

I think given the chance, to study abroad is quite good as well, a total different experience than study locally. You are exposed to more things outside, more freedom to explore things that you didn't came across before.

Living in Japan does have it's ups and downs. It cant be denied that home is still the best, with all the comfort and people around you. But then, a little hardship will build up a stronger character.

Well then no matter what..... gonna spend some more time here staying also.... Since it's my choice at the first place, so no regrets coming here to study eh? :)

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