28 June 2009

Education Fair at Ikebukuro

This morning reluctantly woke up at 0815 to get myself prepared attending the education fair at Ikebukuro (池袋).

Left the hostel at 8:48am, and reached Ikebukuro's JR station at 9:15am, earlier than I expected.

Walked to the Sunshine City via the station's east gate. Sunshine City consists of few building complexes to make up the concept "city within city". There's some other similar concept complexes such as the Tokyo Midtown located at the Roppongi area, which I've yet to explore it.

I joined in my schoolmates which came a little earlier than me. Walking towards the education fair hall is quite challenging as we've to pass through different levels before reaching the hall.

There're quite some people lining up there around 9:40am. Spotted many familiar faces there. The organiser did a good job in the crowd control, to ensure smooth flow of the participants.

Preparing for the education fair to starts.

The fair starts sharp at 10am. I'm lucky that I'm with the first few batches of students that gets into the hall before it gets too crowded.

Quickly went to the booth of Shobi University where I'm likely to head to. Was the first to consult the reps so I took my own sweet time for Q&A sessions with the rep. It was a fruitful session as I've managed to get answers to my doubts.
Am likely to settle down for "Sound Acoustics" course instead of the earlier "Music Media" as I noticed I prefer to learn technical things bout those PA systems. Music Media is more to those of compositions etc.

Many thanks to Ms. Tashiro for explaning to me all the details thingy. The freebie pen + mechanical pencil is cool!

Shobi University's booth, with Ms Tashiro attending other students.

Anyway, am going to visit the campus on next Sunday. Oh boy, busy week to come!

Spend some time walking around looking at the other booths. Noticed the crowd had significantly built up when I'm done with my Q&A session.


Recognise this university? One can judge the popularity of this university based on how many people lining up in front of this booth.

Met my teacher Endou sensei there. She's kind enough to help us out to find out the universities and collecting the university info for us. Great teacher she is! :)

Around noon I left the hall with hostelmate and classmate, Cong Jie heading back to our hostel. First we settled our lunch at Yoshinoya.

My unagi don, 550 yen. Affordable and delicious! :)
Unagi don at Yoshinoya

Somehow I would prefer Yoshinoya than their competitor Matsuya but too bad the nearest Yoshinoya is located some distance away from hostel.

After the lunch we decided to walk to the nearest train station to do some sightseeing in Tokyo. It's a good time to explore the yet-unfamiliar cities of Tokyo.

Somehow we came across Gokokuji (護国寺), seems to be a famous temple by judging the structure and area.


We stop by the Ootsuka Park (大塚公園) to rest for awhile. It is such a relaxing park with all the tree shades.


Interesting fountain in the park.

Patio with tree shades, relaxing~

Found this man relaxing while reading a novel. Seems like he's off-duty, heh.

Narrow buildings in Tokyo....

By the time I reached home it was around 2:30pm. Felt a little dizzy so took a shower and had a nap. It was raining, so nice to sleep until I kinda refused to wake up eventhough I've still have things to do, heh.

Due to self-constraining budget, I didn't went anywhere to do sightseeing much as I don't want to spend too much money. Given that I had something to do outside, I wouldn't miss the chance to feel the real deal of Tokyo and explore new places~ :)

P/S: Took this pic when I reached home.


  1. you dah makin serupa orang jepun.

    btw, i think i saw the same Buddha statue in steve mccurry photograph.LOL.

  2. lol belum lagi la.... hairstyle masih ala Malaysia, cuma lebih panjang saja hahah.

    if you noticed carefully, the Buddha in Japan have mustache. O_o