31 May 2009

Rainy Days

It has been raining consequtively for 4 days straight since Thursday, and from the weather forecast it's likely to continue until tomorrow (Monday), then sunshine returns on Tuesday.

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Friday morning when I woke up I felt kinda lazy to goto school because of the bad weather. It was raining and definitely will make cycling to school more difficult than usual.

Anyhow I still chose to ride to school instead of take the train as at that time the rain is slowing down.
Wasn't a good choice, as the rain continues to rain heavily half-way. There's no turning back then so just keep cycling til I reach the school.

Although it's raining, but I still kinda enjoy cycling especially listening to some techno tunes, or something uplifting. I know it is dangerous to listen while cycling, but I just love to do so. :P

When I'm commuting to the school, I prefer to listen to some technos such as SoundTemp or DJ Tiesto to keep me awake, or maybe a few energetic pieces in the player.
On the way back, I tend to listen to some relaxing tunes, pianos, instrumentals or new age to unwind my brain after a day in school. Thus, I don't feel exhausted cycling. :)

Reached the school, all wet.

Jeans having 2 colour tones, darker on the top and lighter on the bottom, all thanks to the rain.

Adidas runners, Truant ATS. A good pair of shoes, as expected from Adidas. Love the grip and comfortable for long distance walk.

Friday's breakfast, "chicken rice roll" onigiri and a can of Cafe au Leit.

Visiting my friend's room at the school's hostel. A little smaller than my room.

2 big tests in this coming week.

Kindergarten children, guided by local volunteers. Noticed everyone prepared raining gears.

The greens outside my room after the rain, lovely colour.

Next Saturday gonna be joining the local township's matsuri (festival), kinda looking forward to attend the real stuff here, heh. :)

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