03 June 2009

Part-time cook?

Sorry bout lack of updates here, kinda busy with all sorts of stuffs.

In short, been doing quite well with studies, able to cope with it. It's good that after class played a few rounds of table tennis with friends, funny to see how they fall for the cursive ball, heh.

Gonna settle with the part-time working permit soon. Gonna had a short talk with the teacher before she approves the application. Tentatively will had a talk with her this Friday, and then apply for the permit next Monday.

Hostelmates decided to go separate ways for our meals. Used to be cooking and serving dinner together, everyone shared up. It's just a matter of time before this happened, and officially from Monday onwards we go separate ways dealing with our dinner.

Situation had forced me to pick up the cooking utensils lol. Theoratically I know how to cook, but practically haven't really try it before.

Good thing is that for the first time I tried to cook, I learn the basic to control the fire, the amount of ingredients and how to stir fry it.

First meal being served.

Do note that the meat on the right and the potato salad on the left are bought from local shop, because I still not sure how to prepare meat yet.
The actual stuff that I cooked is actually not so obvious, the puny green and yellow stuff lol....

Today's class read a simple recipe of a dish which I like, the Oyako don 親子丼 which consist of chicken and egg. The recipe is kinda simple and since I got the ingredients so decided to try it up.

Given this is the second time I cook, the result isn't that bad lol.... though the taste is still far-fetched from those prepared in restaurants.

Stir frying chicken pieces, onion, and green vege with soy sauce + salt as the base~ (don't have any other stuffs now).

I like some green in my meal so throw in pieces of cucumbers in as well.


Taste-wise, it's edible and of course still got a lot to improve and improvise. The outcome so far had been pretty good.

The only thing is that, preparing the rice, the ingredients took most of the time. And also, the washing part.

Cooking, I liken it to a science experiment~

First you have to prepare the tools and ingredients, naturally, to get things start off.

Follow the procedures and formulas, which in culinary terms, the recipe, you carried out the "experiment" which requires pouring, mixing, stirring and heating etc. Sounds familiar to a Chemistry experiment, no?

After that is "observing and analyse" the final product, which to put it simpler, eat. :D

Then it comes to the part which I don't really like, cleaning the tools. Those who carried out experiment before would know it's pain in the ass to wash the tools when it's stained with chemicals.

It takes a short time to cook, but preparing the food stuffs and cleaning, took most of the time.

'til then, I believe in few months time I'm gonna improve in my cooking skills. :D

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