30 May 2009


I noticed that I'm kinda observative, analyse and learn the nature of the person. Normally I do it silently so sometimes it felt like stalking lol.... but actually I'm not.

I do not do it as a habit, but rather to reflect how I felt towards certain individual's qualities. I used to be kinda quiet, not really into socialising. A little regretted and nostalgic but from there I started to learn how to analyse individuals.

For most of us we usually communicate with people through one-on-one dialogue, or in a group conversation whether it's a casual chat, forum or meeting. Depending on the tone, idea and emotion the individual expressed, we would usually evaluate a person based on those available facts.

I do find that it's not good enough to judge a person based on just one occasion. I strongly believe that everyone shows a different side of them in different kind of situations, for example being in office and at home, on and off the sports field etc.

I for one, noticed that myself tend to show some sort of talkative chracteristics at times and telling some lame jokes around as if I'm a carefree person. Mostly this applies to my general socialising.


But when I'm into sports, say football or table tennis, I usually wouldn't speak much but rather concentrate to play the game. I can be aggressive as well when I'm totally involved in it, so it's normal for me to tackle the opponent dangerously or hit the ball hardly, and I do it within my conscious. Even if the opponent is my best pal, there's no "friendly love" on the field.


At times when I need to be more serious, say attending a function or so, I will revert to my more quiet and serious mode. Those who first met me might be greeted in this mood, I guess many people had similar experience too.
I do however, can revert back to the usual talkative mode when I met someone familiar or something I'm interested in.


I learn some of these from secondary school by observing and learning from friends. Below the three of us, whom I noticed express ourselves in 3 different occasions, all which I've mentioned above.

Chin Wei, Siu Cheng, me

The other 2 are brilliant individuals by their own rights. Each of them know how to handle their different identities well on different occasions, which is why I get along well with them.

Another observation, I noticed that sometimes when people are too kind-hearted, others will take advantage on them. Once or twice may be OK, but unfortunately some people would just abuse it, as if they're suppressing the weaker.
That's why some of my friends are kinda pissed but helpless at times when they're being used by others.
For some, "extreme measures" may be used in such circumstances, which includes violence.

I think some of us might have experience it before, you're being stepped upon by someone else, and one day when the patience limit reached, you break down, and all hell break lose.
Sometimes, you just never want to see the collateral damage that would inflict upon the surroundings, it can be very scary.

Some might regret taking such action, while some shows no sign of remorse. Either way, you make it very clear that you're not someone should mess with, or left some irreversible scar on someone.
Careful one must be, to control the outburst of rage and the aftermath.

Through all the things that I've been through, I slowly settle down to be someone who doesn't really get angry easily, and seldomly dislike someone for a long period of time.

Once a wiseman taught me, not to get upset on things others done that has nothing to do with you, not worth the effort to get angry with it, especially something you have no control of.

Positive thinking in life is a key. Try start to see the bright side of someone, slowly convert the feeling of hatred to neutral, and let the feeling goes on naturally. It's always a good thing to have an additional friend, than having an enemy.

Everyone lives a unique life that only exclusive to themselves. Remember, we live this life only for once, so try to enjoy as much as you can than you regret.

Now the another piece of puzzle had been found, it's just a matter of time before I complete the overall puzzle of life~

All the dreams and desires.....

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