11 April 2009

Yesterday and Today's Update

Class finally started yesterday (Friday), a little odd as usually a fresh semester starts on Monday.

Woke up around 7:15am and prepared for the school. Ride to the school around 7:45am and reached around 8:20am. Still very early given the class started at 9:10am.

Took 2 shots in the classroom.

The classroom consist of 18 students. More than half are Malaysians, most of them I've known them earlier. The rest are 2 Taiwanese, a Korean, and a Turkish.

There're 3 teachers whom would be teaching us, the one turn up on that day is Endou sensei. A funny tutor, but at least she got her point so on the first start she gave me a good impression. Another different character than my previous senseis, Komatsubara sensei & Tsunamoto sensei.

The Turks had been placed to sit besides me. He looks kinda matured, but actually same age as me. His name is Suat, haven't take photos of him but he's kinda handsome. Too bad he smoke lol. Anyway like me, he's also a fan of football too. Ah.... long time didn't play football already!! :(

Afternoon break went to the local post office to setup a saving account there. In Japan, their post office do provide banking service like any other banks around. Need it to signup for my mobile phone.

Post office

The process usually took like 10 mins but because a lot of us are going there so we've to wait, thus late for the afternoon class.

In Japan, it's rude to be late, and being late on the very first day somehow will damage our reputation. Luckily the teacher let us for this time as we're late because of settling some official documents.

One of the homework, a simple letter.

On my way back spotted this Lexus IS. Take note of how this car is parked. I'm very impressed with the Japanese's car parking skill. Just an inch or so and they gonna hit the wall already!!

Afternoon snack, a few onigiris which cost 105 yen. Simple but tasted good.

Sakura's are falling, replaced by green leaves.

Beer VS C.C. Lemon. 105 yen FTW!!

Today's lunch, large curry rice at Matsuya. 490 yen.
curry rice

Today the sakuras are almost gone for good. Can compare it before and after.
fading sakura

Hearty dinner cooked by hostelmates. Oishii!!

Tomorrow evening senpai will be bringing us for a feast of buffet somewhere near Shinjuku. Sounds delicious, will post more about it tomorrow if I got the time. :)

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