09 April 2009

The Opening Ceremony

Today's weather is fine, warmer than usual but it's the best for us, around 20'C+. Cycling from dorm to the school took like 40 mins. Reached the school to do some documentation chores, than ride to the Bunkyo ward's hall.

That would be another, say, 30 mins bike ride? My bike don't have gears to change so some part can be very difficult to ride, especially going uphill.

The opening ceremony itself is like a joke. Someone asked us to attend it in formal wear (which means full suite). Luckily none of us took this advice as only a handful of people are wearing coat. We're going by bike and cycling wearing coat is like a joke.... lol


The ceremony is very simple indeed. Started like 10 mins late due to some absentees (uncommon for Japanese to be late). First of all is the headmaster Mr. Ogiso Yu's speech. He spoke about the sakura flowers and relate it to our studies here in Tokyo. Inspiring speech, luckily there's a translator around so that I can understand his speech entirely (at this moment I can only get like 20% of the speech).
I find it quite interesting and not so boring as compared to those speeches usually spoke during such occasions back in Malaysia.

Later they read out almost the entire list of new students. Majority of them are Taiwanese, Malaysians & Koreans.

When the name-reading is done, one of the teachers' representative gave another short speech, with some interactions with the students which doesn't make it sounded so bored.

Some shots outside the hall where I attended the opening ceremony.

Impressive Bunkyo Ward Civic Hall.

You might able to spot a large Ferris wheel and outdoor roller coaster. Didn't went there but certainly it looks cool.

One of the entrance of Tokyo University.

The main point of this pic is actually the yellow car, Nissan 370Z Fairlady. Took it while riding, dangerous!

Lexus IS-F. Also took it on the bike so blurred pic. It's said to be comparable to BMW M3 & Mercedes Benz C63 AMG.

The new 3rd generation Lexus RX across the road. Took this on full zoom (optical + digital).

Ride back to the school. A sprouting sakura tree on the plaza.

Then spotted this super cute dog!


Looks like a doll isn't it?

Went to signup for my mobile phone. The mobile carrier is SoftBank.
Preview of my future phone, this is just a dummy sample.

SoftBank 921P.


Can be flipped like this to watch TV.

Cost JPY 17,640 (~MYR 633). The best in terms of specs-to-price ratio. Almost everyone is using it. Due to it's popularity the gold colour is out of stock, so I'll settle with a black unit.

Was being sorted into class 7, but this class is mostly Malaysians and many I knew as well. There's a Turk, two Taiwanese & a Korean. The rest are us. XD

Dinner time! Oishii bento set!


OK that's all for today's update. Tomorrow class start at 9:10am, so probably will have to go out the latest by 8am. Class ends early at 2:30pm though. This schedule will stick until May....


  1. Shiro luxury version, LOL!

  2. Wow a 370z, and I see a Malay, what she study ?

  3. I want sakura, the puffy cute dog, the mobile phone (very classy indeed!).. and most importantly,

    Oh my! =D