11 April 2009

A Taste of Lee Hom!

Eheh, I bet I don't need to introduce this multi-talented artist 'eh? Most Chinese must have know him, or even heard of his name, seriously.

Wang Lee Hom 王力宏, a gifted musician by all means. Not only he's able to perform in various instrumentals, but to compose and arrange the songs as well! I reckon Lee Hom stands side-by-side with Jay Chou, both are the brightest stars in the Chinese songs industry.

Lee Hom produced many nice songs and here's one I particularly remembered, his debut song "不可能錯過你" (Can't Miss You).

Now here's what everyone like, the GOOD NEWS!

Lee Hom Music-Man LIVE in KL 2009

Yeah.... the man is coming back to Malaysia to perform again!!
The concert details can be found on this site.

S.O.X. (School of X) member, now you can stand a chance to win a pair of concert tickets worth RM 198 each!!
* Please take note that this opportunity is open to exclusively for S.O.X. members only.

How to participate this event? It's simple! All you need to do is just send a simple SMS as shown in this instruction.

Just send "REGFREETIX" to 28881, wait for a reply SMS. Remember to reload RM20 in your credit before 26 April, and pray hard that you'll be selected for the free ticks!

Well then..... this is just the beginning of another exciting prize to be won. If you think that to win via SMS is kinda difficult, why not try this contest which requires your creativity and innovation?

Do send your best “Music-Man/Woman” video or picture for a chance to win exclusive tickets to Lee Hom Music-Man LIVE in KL 2009!
That's right, here's another chance for you to win even better stuffs! A personal pass to meet the man himself!!

Entering the contest is also like a piece of cake, type "MUSIC MAN" and send video/picture via MMS to 26388. The contest period is from 1st of April until 25th of April, so you've like 3 weeks time to plan and participate in the contest.

Erm, I 'mt not sure what kind of example of pic and vid I can represent it here, but I particularly like this pic of Ryuichi Sakamoto performing over the keyboard console.

Musicians, no matter they're a soft-touching pianist, or the crowd's magnet Rock'n'Roller, as long as their songs penetrate deep into the listeners' soul and resonate with the emotion, they're said to be great musicians.
Lee Hom is a one of a kind as he can be a very subtle pianist singer, and in a blink of eye he can turn into a street-groove RnB hip-hop artist, versatile he is.

Back to the contest, the winner is chosen based on the popularity on the Channlx MeTV.
Once you get your entry uploaded to the site, you can ask your family and friends to rate for you in order to secure the dream pass to meet with Lee Hom in person.

Steps are as followed:

Step 1: Log on to http://wap.channelx.com.my from your mobile
Step 2: Go to Fun Stuff and select Lee Hom Music Man
Step 3: Look under Contest category and click on the View, Rate or Download contest entries link
Step 4: Select Lee Hom Music Man category to view videos or pictures
Step 5: To rate videos or pictures click on the Rate It link. To download videos or pictures, click on the Download Now button.

It's not hard, just put in a little effort in it, be creative and funky with the ideas, and of course, with a bless of luck, you can just win it hands down!! :D

I know some of my friends are a fan of Lee Hom, so if you're reading this, get your hands laid on your phone and start entering this contest!

The Prince of Music is having a date with you! ;)


  1. LeeHom!! I miss his concert!

  2. hey! how are you? I'm marta, do you remembrer me? so, i don't know this snger 'cause i'm european but I watched the video and his song is very nice byeee
    P.S. your blog is really cool :)

  3. hello there Marta!
    yeah I still remember you from the Yahoo! Answers page!

    Thanks for visiting, so how's life there in Italy lately? :)

  4. hey in italy is going pretty good but the school is going to finish on june and so for this two month I had to study a lot, especially for pass my english exams, lol

  5. well congratz on passing the exam! :D
    hope you'll be having a great time there in Italy. :)